Treaty Ratification

January 29, 1988

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Before the INF Treaty can take effect, it must receive the Senate's blessing. The procedure by which the Senate confers or withholds its “advice and consent” is a product of 200 years of controversy, precedent and Supreme Court rulings.

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“Now that the treaty has been signed, it will be submitted to the Senate for the next step, the ratification process….I am confident that the Senate will now act in an expeditious way to fulfill its duty under our Constitution.”

On this hopeful note, President Reagan relinquished the long-awaited intermediate-range nuclear-forces (INF) treaty to the U.S. Senate for its “advice and consent.” The agreement, signed Dec. 8 by Reagan and Soviet leader Milkhail S. Gorbachev during their Washington summit, had been six years in the making. If it is ratified, the INF treaty—the first arms control agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union in 15 years—will eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons.

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