Fast Food: U.S. Growth Industry

December 8, 1978

Report Outline
Rapid Growth in the Seventies
Evolution of Fast-Food Business
Influence on U.S. Eating Habits
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Rapid Growth in the Seventies

Appeal of Low Prices and Fast Service

What is more American than apple pie? The answer today is hamburgers — or fried chicken or pizza. Americans are eating out more than ever before, and away-from-home meals are increasingly likely to be eaten at fast-food outlets that dot the nation's landscape. Chains such as McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King and Pizza Hut serve a multitude of customers with minimum delay (hence “fast” food) at relatively low prices. Not only is the fast-food business booming, but the future looks very bright. John C. Maxwell Jr., a food industry analyst, calls the 1970s the “decade of the fast-food business” and predicts “excellent growth” in the years ahead.

Industry observers estimate that fast-food restaurant sales accounted for about 20 percent of the $87 billion Americans spent on food eaten away from home last year. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that the franchise segment of the restaurant industry — some 60,000 predominantly fast-food outlets belonging to 315 nationwide chains — will account for $20 billion in sales in 1978.

According to the National Restaurant Association, fast-food outlets fit this general description: Each (1) serves mainly one type of food, (2) has a limited menu that appeals to all ages, (3) is inexpensive, (4) serves snacks as well as meals, (5) belongs, for the most part, to a chain, (6) requires customers to pick up their food at a counter and (7), most frequently, concentrates on serving hamburger, fried chicken or fried fish.

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