Control of Skyjacking

January 26, 1973

Report Outline
Issues raised by Skyjacking Concern
Escalation of Aerial-Piracy Problem
Search for International Controls
Special Focus

Issues raised by Skyjacking Concern

Mounting Effort to Safeguard Airplane Travel

The mounting effort to safeguard plane travel against the menace of skyjacking has run into a number of tough issues that must be resolved if the crusade is to succeed. The new passenger-and-baggage-checking procedures, instituted on Jan. 5 by all scheduled airlines by order of President Nixon, are proceeding reasonably well. But neither the aviation industry nor the Congress is happy over certain features of the President's anti-skyjacking programs. There is some fear that the good humor of passengers may evaporate as delays and other inconveniences continue, especially after the costs of new security measures are passed on in the form of taxes or higher plane fares. And the airports are having difficulty preparing to comply with another government security order—that armed law-enforcement officers be placed at all boarding areas serving the scheduled airlines by Feb. 6.

In general, the following are major issues that have emerged as the United States and other nations tackle the sticky problems of aerial crime:

Domestically, who should take responsibility for (and pay for) the security measures—private industry or the government?

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