French-American Relations

April 10, 1968

Report Outline
Conflict Between America and France
Ups and Downs in U.S.-French Relations
Reasons for Recurrence of Controversy

Conflict Between America and France

The agreement on world monetary reform reached at Stockholm on March 30 widened an already broad gulf between the United States and France. Nine of the International Monetary Fund's so-called Group of Ten financial powers approved an American-sponsored plan to create a new reserve asset, known as special drawing rights or “paper gold.” France was the only country to oppose the plan. “The real problems were not touched “at Stockholm, French Finance Minister Michel Debre asserted in Paris on April 1—” discipline of the reserve currencies, and value of the international standard which is gold.” Debre asserted that “Reality will take its revenge, and one will then forget this so-called French solitude.”

France and the United States have been as far apart in foreign policy as in monetary policy. The de Gaulle government accuses the United States of trying to undermine French independence, while many Americans believe that France is determined to humiliate this country in any way possible. Public opinion is inflamed on both sides of the Atlantic.

French-American relations have steadily deteriorated during the 10 years since Charles de Gaulle's return to power. Such friction is not unique; the underlying friendship between the two countries has often been subjected to severe strain in the past two centuries. When confronted by common peril, however, France and the United States have almost always managed to bury their differences.

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