Youth Market

August 25, 1965

Report Outline
Proportions of Today's Youth Market
Influence of Teen-Agers as Consumers
Methods of Enlarging Youth Market

Proportions of Today's Youth Market

Advertising executives are cautioning the business community to be wary of “all this carrying-on about the youth market.” They have reminded producers and sellers of consumer goods that teen-agers and others in nearby age brackets are not the only people who have wants and needs—and the money with which to satisfy them.

The fact that such reminders are considered necessary is indicative of the extent to which the younger generation has gained influence over an important segment of the American economy. Youngsters not yet eligible to vote have become, if not arbiters, at least guidance counselors of consumer goods industries. They are consulted through market research surveys and “teen panels” on their whims and fancies about everything from bubble gum to sports cars. Authorities who caution against overemphasizing the youth market admit that it is nevertheless well worth cultivating.

Principal Components of the Youth Market

The term “youth market” has no specific boundaries and is used variably by those interested in selling to young people. It refers, in its broadest application, to buyers of goods intended for use by consumers ranging from newborn infants to the young married set. The top age included in most references to the youth market is 25; the earliest has been placed as far down in the life cycle as the prenatal stage.

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