Aid to Depressed Areas

December 23, 1960

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New Effort to Help Distressed Areas
Problems in Relocating Idle Workers
Self-Help Activities in Depressed Areas
Federal Assistance in Rehabilitation

New Effort to Help Distressed Areas

Drive to Get Early Action on Kennedy Pledge

Shaping of a new program to help put chronically depressed areas of the United States on the road to economic recovery is slated for urgent consideration by the 87th Congress. Preparations for prompt action were set in motion Dec. 4 when President-elect John F. Kennedy, moving to fulfill a campaign pledge, named Sen. Paul H, Douglas (D I11.) to head a committee to draft proposals for extending earliest possible assistance to regions long plagued by substantial unemployment.

The committee, made up of a score of business, labor and civic leaders, held an organizational meeting at Charleston, W. Va., Dec. 9, and divided itself into six groups, each to draw up recommendations in an assigned field. The full committee is to meet in Washington two days after Christmas to formulate a final report for submission to the President-elect by New Year's Day. Sen. Douglas plans to introduce a depressed areas bill in the Senate as soon as the new Congress convenes. He justified the tight schedule of his special committee by saying at Charleston on Dec. 9:

There is a time for study and cantemplation, and there is a time for action. I believe strongly that the time for action is now. Conditions of chronic unemployment have been studied at great length and at considerable depth, especially in recent years. We have not discovered all the answers, but I do believe we have learned enough to take constructive and responsible action in the immediate future.

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