Berlin Crisis and German Reunification

December 24, 1958

Report Outline
Diplomatic Duel Over Status of Berlin
East-West Conflict on Future of Germany
German Roles in World Power Blocs
Permanent Division Vs. German Reunification

Diplomatic Duel Over Status of Berlin

Pressure for High Level Conference on Germany

Decisive changes in the condition of divided Germany and divided Berlin seem in prospect for the year 1959, although the form they will take cannot now be foreseen. Russia's ultimatum of Nov. 27, calling for removal of Allied forces from West Berlin within a period of six months clashed head on with prior (and subsequent) Western pledges to remain in the Communist encircled city. Both sides have threatened use of force under certain circumstances, and it is recognized that Berlin has the possibility of becoming the Sarajevo of a third world war. Western statesmen are convinced, however, that Moscow neither wants nor can afford global war at this time. And cautious hopes are expressed in Western capitals that developments out of the Berlin crisis will open the way to negotiations with Russia for a general European settlement.

The final paragraph of the communique on the Berlin problem, issued Dec. 16 after a meeting of the North Atlantic Council, read as follows:

The Council considers that the Berlin question can only be settled in the framework of an agreement with the U.S.S.R. on Germany as a whole. It recalls that the Western powers have repeatedly declared themselves ready to examine this problem as well as those of European security and disarmament. They are still ready to discuss all these problems.

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