Advertising Controls

November 21, 1956

Report Outline
New Drives Against Advertising Abuses
Misleading and Fraudulent Advertising
Advertising Controls: Public and Private

New Drives Against Advertising Abuses

Widespread complaint that false and misleading advertising is resulting in heavy losses to consumers has brought new drives by governmental agencies and private organizations against deception in printed and broadcast sales appeals. While ethical standards in advertising have improved greatly over the years, certain objectionable practices remain and new ways of tricking the potential buyer have recently come into use.

The current issue of the Columbia Law Review is devoted to a critical survey of federal and state laws, rulings, decisions, and voluntary codes designed to assure truth in advertising. It concludes that “A legislative reappraisal of …workable sanctions seems essential if the consumer and the honest advertiser are to receive adequate protection.” Chairman Warren G. Magnuson (D-Wash.) of the Senate Commerce Committee has likewise suggested a thorough overhaul of federal controls to cope with “new gimmicks, fantastic offers, and far-fetched claims.”

Business groups opposed to expanded government policing of advertising are sponsoring more rigorous programs of self-regulation. At a national conference of Better Business bureaus, Savannah, Oct. 1–5, plans for a new campaign against false advertising in the retail field were drawn up. They call for more intensive check-ups on prices advertised by independent merchants and for joint action by local and national bureaus to deal with advertising abuses by chain-operated stores.

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