Religion Behind the Iron Curtain

December 7, 1955

Report Outline
Shift in Russian Attitude Toward Religion
Status of Churches Under Communism
Communist Tactics Toward Religion

Shift in Russian Attitude Toward Religion

The early months of 1956 should tell whether the more liberal attitude toward religion displayed by the rulers of Russia in 1955 is to survive the chills of returning cold war. Several periods of benevolence in the past have been followed by resumption of violent measures against believers, churches, and religious leaders. Good treatment has been alternated with persecution as has seemed to serve the interests of the Soviet state.

Russian smiles for religion have been generally associated with the now departing spirit of Geneva. It is worth noting, however, that first signs of change in the attitude of the Kremlin began to appear well in advance of the July 1955 meeting of heads of government. There is some reason to believe that Stalin's successors regard the atheistic mission of Communism as substantially accomplished within their own country and see no present need for a return to the harsh measures of earlier years.

Visits of Western Church Leaders to U.S.S.R.

Russian leaders have made energetic efforts during the past year to convince the outside world that religious freedom exists under Communist rule. Knowing that official statements to that effect are not taken at face value in the West, they have increasingly opened their country to inspection by western churchmen and have permitted some of them to preach from Russian pulpits. Russian churchmen have been allowed at the same time to make exchange visits to countries outside the Soviet orbit.

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