Communist Controls

November 12, 1954

Report Outline
Legal Machinery to Fight Subversion
Achievements of the Anti-Red Campaign
U. S. Communist Party as a Conspiracy

Legal Machinery to Fight Subversion

A new campaign “to utterly destroy the Communist Party, U.S.A., and its activities” is shaping up in the Department of Justice. Attorney General Brownell, following a conference with President Eisenhower and F.B.I. Director Hoover on Sept, 12, announced that planning for such a drive was under way. Three weeks earlier the President had approved legislation which provides important new weapons for the government's war on subversion.

The new laws, enacted by Congress on the specific recommendation of the Attorney General, considerably narrow the area in which Communists and Communist organizations may legally operate; they give federal authorities wider scope for prosecution of individual subversives; and they prescribe harsher punishment for Communists who run afoul of the law. The improved legal tools already are being put to use in gathering evidence on subversion and in speeding court trials of suspected subversives. Spearheading the expanded attack is a new Division of Internal Security, established last May within the Department of Justice.

Four-Pronged Attack on Communist Conspiracy

Recent internal security measures, unlike basic laws applying generally to crimes against the state, have been drawn up and enacted for the specific purpose of dealing with the operations of the Communist party and its sympathizers in the United States. The government is striving to hit the Communist conspiracy in those areas where it has displayed unusual strength and where it has enjoyed freedom from prosecution or crippling restrictions under earlier laws or under constitutional guarantees.

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