Eighteen-Year-Old and Soldier Voting

February 24, 1954

Report Outline
Revival of Movement for Lower Voting Age
Age for Voting Under Modern Conditions
Voting by Members of the Armed Forces
Special Focus

Revival of Movement for Lower Voting Age

Eisehower proposal to Broaden Franchise

The movement to lower the voting age received new impetus from President Eisenhower's recommendation at the opening of the present session of Congress that a constitutional amendment to that end be submitted to the states. The recommendation was based on the principle that citizens old enough to fight are old enough to vote. The President expressed the hope also that the states would cooperate with Congress in adopting uniform standards in their voting laws to make it possible for larger numbers of citizens in the armed services overseas to exercise the franchise.

In the State of the Union message, Jan. 7, the President said:

For years our citizens between the ages of 18 and 21, in time of peril, have been summoned to fight for America. They should participate in the political processes that produce this fateful summons. I urge Congress to propose to the states a constitutional amendment permitting citizens to vote when they reach the age of 18.

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