West German Recovery

January 19, 1954

Report Outline
New Role of Germany in International Affairs
Political Transformation of Western Germany
Postwar Economic Recovery of Western Germany
Special Focus

New Role of Germany in International Affairs

The Phenomenal Rise of Western Germany from the rains of Hitler's Reich to the resurgent Federal Republic of 1954 has introduced a new and dynamic factor in international relations. Although the Bonn government will not participate in the forthcoming four-power foreign ministers' conference at Berlin, its influence is certain to be felt in current and future political discussions among the United States, Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union.

Even before the young state has achieved full sovereignty, its rapidly growing political and economic power is an element to be reckoned with in Europe. As it advances toward complete independence, with freedom of action and powerful resources of its own, West Germany becomes an increasingly vital force in the world balance of power.

Contrasts Between Germany of 1945 and 1954

As the victors in World War II cautiously resume negotiations for a German peace settlement, they find a country which is vastly different from the prostrate nation which surrendered to them in 1945. The former German Reich is still a land divided into East and West zones of occupation. German unification is still the focal point of tension between Soviet Russia and the western powers. But the German people, though still divided, are no longer prostrate and no longer passive spectators in the continuing debate over the future of their country. On both sides of the boundary between East and West Germany the people themselves have become an active and potentially decisive force which neither of the two world blocs can ignore or completely dominate.

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