American Aid to Greece

February 9, 1949

Report Outline
United States Policy of Aid to Greece
Progress of Economic Recovery and Rehabilitation
Military and Political Situation in Greece

United States Policy of Aid to Greece

Aid Under Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

The “bold new program” outlined by President Truman in his Inaugural Address is the projection of an American policy which has been under test in Greece for almost two years. The “benefits of our store of technical knowledge” have been extended to Greece on an unparalleled scale, as an accompaniment of military and economic aid to “strengthen freedom-loving nations against the dangers of aggression” and contribute to “world economic recovery.” The results to date are now under scrutiny by congressional committees, in connection with administration requests for additional funds to finance this and other foreign aid programs.

In Greece postwar American foreign policy has received an unusually severe trial because of the guerrilla warfare that has obstructed economic recovery. Reporting in December 1948 that military operations against the Communist-backed rebel forces had not come up to expectations, American Ambassador Grady said he was “moderately optimistic.” He pointed out that, in spite of disappointments, Greece remains a free country, and that preservation of Greek independence has always been the prime objective.

The extension of military and economic aid to Greece in 1947 plunged the United States into deep involvement in Greek affairs before American public opinion had any understanding of the difficulties that would be encountered under a policy of supporting free nations against aggression in distant parts of the world.

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