St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Development

July 2, 1947

Report Outline
Revival of the St. Lawrence Project
Long Agitation for Seaway-Power Project
Economic and Defense Aspects of the Plan

Revival of the St. Lawrence Project

Truman's Renewed Advocacy of Project of Ottawa

President Truman utilized the occasion of his good-will visit to Canada in June to renew the administration's support of the long-pending St. Lawrence seaway and power project. In the course of an address before a joint session of the Dominion parliament, June 11, he observed that “Some of our greatest assets are still to be developed to the maximum.”

I am thinking of one particularly that holds tremendous possibilities, the magnificent St. Lawrence-Great Lakes system, which we share and which we must develop together. The St. Lawrence project stirs the imagination of men long accustomed to majestic distances and epic undertakings.

The proposal for taking electric power from the river and bringing ocean shipping 2,400 miles inland, to tap the fertile heart of our continent is economically sound and strategically important. When this program is carried out, the waterway that is a part of our boundary will more than ever unite our two countries. It will stimulate our economies to new growth and will spread the flow of trade.

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