Investigations of Un-Americanism

February 5, 1947

Report Outline
Reorganized Committee on Un-American Activities
Early Investigations of Subversive Activities
Continuous Investigation of Un-American Affairs
Reform of Committee Methods and Procedure

Reorganized Committee on Un-American Activities

Scope of Inquiries Planned for Present Session

The House Committee on Un-American Activities, now reorganized under Republican leadership, is about to resume its investigations of movements and activities alleged to be detrimental to the interests of the United States. Rep. Thomas (R., N. J.), new chairman of the committee, has said its work will expand to such a degree that 1947 will be the committee's most active year since it was first created in 1938.

Hearings will be held on a wide range of proposed legislation to curb subversive activities. In addition, the committee “intends to expose” Communist influence in the moving picture industry, in schools and colleges, in trade unions, in the government establishment, and in organizations “trying to dissipate our atomic bomb know-how.” An appropriation of $50,000 was made by the House, Jan. 30, for the work of the committee during 1947. Committee expenditures last year totaled $26,000.

No other committee of Congress during recent years has been so hotly criticized on the one hand and so highly commended on the other as has the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The importance attached to the work of the committee by members of Congress was demonstrated in 1946 by its continuation as a standing committee of the House under the new Legislative Reorganization Act. A resolution to disestablish the committee, offered Jan. 10 by Rep. Sabath (D., Ill.), former chairman of the Rules Committee, has not been taken up on the floor. The House evidently believes that the need for continuous legislative inquiry into un-American activities is as great now as before and during the war.

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