Congressional Lobbying

May 8, 1946

Report Outline
Current Lobby Battles at Washington
Evolution of the Modern Lobby
Regulation of Congressional Lobbies

Current Lobby Battles at Washington

Charges and counter-charges of pernicious lobby activity have been made in connection with virtually every piece of controversial legislation considered or scheduled for consideration at the 1946 session of Congress. By administration spokesmen it has been asserted that successive defeats for the President's program have been the work of “well-heeled” lobbyists. But a resolution to authorize a House investigation of special-interest lobbies has been amended by the Rules Committee to direct an inquiry into lobbying by government officials as well.

The Joint Committee on Reorganization of Congress, in a report filed with both houses, Mar. 4, recommended early enactment of legislation to make the character and expenditures of groups which seek to influence the action of Congress matters of public record. This is not the first such recommendation by a congressional committee. Ten years ago a bill for registration of lobbyists was defeated in the House at the stage of final enactment. Now, however, success seems certain for a new lobby registration bill. Little opposition to it is expected from the established Washington lobbies.

Registration would extend a form of public recognition to the work of the “legislative agent” at the Capitol. It would not interfere in any way with the regular activities of legitimate lobbyists, such as watching legislation, keeping their organizations informed of the status of bills, appearing before congressional committees. Nor can any law prevent personal solicitation of congressmen or check the propaganda campaigns which have come to be the main reliance of lobby organizations for bringing pressure on Congress.

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