Equal Rights Amendment

April 4, 1946

Report Outline
Proposed Guarantee of Equality for Women
Legal Status of Women in United States
Disputed Effects of Equal Rights Amendment
Equal Rights in United Nations Charter
Special Focus

Proposed Guarantee of Equality for Women

Long Delay to Action on Equal Rights Amendment

THE Equal Rights Amendment, now awaiting floor action in Congress, would give American women a constitutional guarantee of legal equality with American men. It is the first constitutional amendment to be favorably reported by the Judiciary committees of both houses since adoption of the Repeal Amendment in 1933.

The Equal Rights Amendment has been offered in every Congress since 1923 when it was first introduced by Senator (later Vice President) Curtis. The Senate Judiciary Committee now recommends its addition to the federal Constitution “to complete the movement for the equality of women begun by the Suffrage Amendment.”

Impending Struggle in House and Senate

The Woman Suffrage Amendment was approved by both houses at the close of World War I after having been before Congress for more than 45 years. Committee reports on the Equal Rights Amendment show that a strong influence in its favor has been the contribution to the war effort made by women during World War II.

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