Quality Labeling

August 14, 1943

Report Outline
Wartime Controversy Over Quality Labeling
Peacetime Attitudes Toward Quality Labeling
Mandatory Quality Labeling in Time of War

Wartime Controversy Over Quality Labeling

Organizations of consumers have frequently urged that the federal government establish quality standards for essential civilian goods, and that manufacturers be required by law to grade their products according to official standards and to affix grade labels to all units offered for sale.

The usual argument for compulsory grade labeling starts with the fact that the federal government long ago established specifications to which goods bought by its agencies must conform. Its laboratories enable the government to test and compare the quality of sample lots submitted by manufacturers and its purchasing agents to “take advantage of the best possible value at the least possible price.”

If it is an advantage in public purchasing to be able to compare the relative quality of competing brands or types of products offered at different prices, it is argued that even greater public benefits would be gained if the ultimate consumer were afforded an opportunity to make similar comparisons—through a system of grade labeling for all essential goods offered in exchange for his dollars.

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