Civilian Production in a War Economy

July 27, 1943

Report Outline
Balancing Civilian Requirements and War Needs
Wartime Restrictions on Consumers' Goods
Controlled Distribution of Raw Materials
Steps Toward Resuming Civilian Production

Balancing Civilian Requirements and War Needs

Importance of Civilian Economy to the War Effort

Production to meet home front necessities has been clearly recognized by war administrators at Washington during recent months as an integral part of an efficient war economy. Raw materials have been made available out of still short supplies for increased production of such homely items as bedsprings and baby carriages. Manufacture of slide fasteners for civilian use may be resumed on a small scale during the next few months. The output of farm machinery, after having been sharply curtailed earlier in the war, is now being expanded almost to prewar levels.

When allocations of basic raw materials for the October-December quarter of 1943 are announced, early in August, by the Requirements Committee of the War Production Board, they will be closely scanned for indications of an acceleration in present trends toward an increase in the supply of durable goods to meet pressing needs of the civilian population.

Donald M. Nelson, chairman of the War Production Board, has consistently opposed the use of scarce materials needed for war in the manufacture of “non-essential” civilian products. At the same time, he has repeatedly stated—with increased emphasis during recent months—that a sound civilian economy is essential to maximum war production.

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