Economic Controls in Nazi Germany

November 1, 1940

Report Outline
German Plans for a New European Economy
The Original National Socialist Program
Nazi Extension of Government Powers
German Methods of Borrowing and Taxation
Special Focus

German Plans for a New European Economy

Germany is making a prodigious and unprecedented effort to reorganize the whole economy of continental Europe while the war is still in progress. Regardless of the final military result, the changes which have already been made, and the further changes in progress or in prospect, will make a complete return to the status quo practically impossible.

Not only in the occupied territories of Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Luxembourg, Belgium and France, but also in Sweden and in the countries of southeastern Europe which remain technically independent, the Germans are using every possible pressure to force acceptance of German economic hegemony and to compel reorganization of the various national economies on National Socialist lines. Vera Micheles Dean says that:

The long-term objective of the Nazis is to dovetail the industries of conquered countries into the Germany economy, and force them, as much as possible, to expand their agriculture. Under this scheme Germany, and perhaps Italy, would act as the industrial centers of Europe, drawing foodstuffs and raw materials from the occupied territories which, in turn, would be obliged to purchase German and Italian manufactured goods at prices set by the Axis powers.

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