Profit Sharing for Wage Workers

September 9, 1938

Report Outline
Senate Investigation of Profit Sharing
A Century of Profit Sharing in Industry
Objectives and Results of Profit Sharing
Current Interest in Profit Sharing

Senate Investigation of Profit Sharing

A Survey of profit sharing in American industry has recently been initiated by a subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee in pursuance of a resolution adopted by the Senate last May 18. An expert staff with headquarters in Chicago is now gathering factual data, and public hearings are to be held by the subcommittee in Washington late this year or early next year. The resolution authorizing the inquiry directed the committee “to make a complete study of … all existing profit-sharing systems, between employers and employees, now operating in the United States,” with a special view:

  1. To the preparation of an authentic record of experience which may be consulted by employers who are interested in voluntarily establishing profit-sharing plans.

  2. To the consideration of what advisable contribution, if any, may be made to the encouragement, of profit sharing by the federal government, including the grant of compensatory tax exemptions and tax rewards when profit sharing is voluntarily established.

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