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October 13, 1937

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November Special Session of 75th Congress
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November Special Session of 75th Congress

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The special session of Congress, called October 12 to meet on November 15, 1937, will be the second to assemble in response to a summons by President Roosevelt under that section of the Constitution which gives the Chief Executive power to convoke both houses of the National Legislature “on extraordinary occasions.”

The first special session of the present administration, which sat from March 9 to June 15, 1933, enacted such basic measures of the New Deal program as the Agricultural Adjustment Act and the National Industrial Recovery Act, later invalidated by the Supreme Court; the Securities Act of 1933, and bills setting up the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Home Owners' Loan Corporation. Its emergency measures included the Emergency Banking Act, the Federal Emergency Relief Act, the Thomas inflation amendment, and the resolution invalidating the gold clause. The second special session of the Roosevelt administration will meet under no such extraordinary conditions as prevailed in March, 1933.

Four pieces of legislation which “the American people immediately need” were outlined by the President in his radio address of October 12, in which he announced that a special session had been called:

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