Regional Planning and Development

July 3, 1937

Report Outline
Administration Plan for “Little T.V.A.'s”
Interstate Action on Regional Basis
Regional Action by National Government
Proposed Extensions of Regional Government

Administration Plan for “Little T.V.A.'s”

Roosevelt Proposal for Regional Conservation Bodies

Two bills now under consideration in Congress contemplate wide application of the principle of regional government. Introduced by Senator Norris (Ind., Neb.) and Rep. Mansfield (D., Tex.) on June 3, these measures are designed to carry out a plan for “regional husbandry” outlined by President Roosevelt in a special message to Congress. The bills provide for the creation of seven federal agencies to superintend the planning and development of natural resources in major drainage basins throughout the country.

More than 20 bills were offered in the 74th Congress proposing establishment of regional agencies, generally similar to the Tennessee Valley Authority, to undertake the development of navigation, power, flood control, and irrigation facilities in major river basins. Several of these measures have been reintroduced at the present session. In effect, however, the bills offered by Senator Norris and Rep. Mansfield supersede all previous proposals for the creation of separate regional authorities.

President Roosevelt, in his special message of June 3, called for immediate action, on a regional basis, to conserve natural resources and to prevent floods, droughts, and dust storms. He declared, however, that: “Prudent management demands not merely works which will guard against these calamities, but carefully formulated plans to prevent their occurrence. Such plans require coordination of many related activities.”

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