League of Nations—Eleventh Assembly

October 20, 1930

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Council and World Court Elections
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Sessions of the League Council
Ratification of Conventions

Council and World Court Elections

Dispute Over Ninth Council Seat

The eleventh ordinary session of the League Assembly convened at Geneva on September 10 and adjourned on October 4, 1930. All of the 54 member states of the League were represented at the session, except Argentina and Honduras.

Annual elections for the three non-permanent members of the Council were held on September 17. The three-year terms of Canada, Cuba, and Finland expired this year and the countries elected to fill the vacancies were the Irish Free State (36 votes), Guatemala (41 votes), and Norway (38 votes). Portugal, with 30 votes, just failed of election. The Chinese application for reëligibility was lost in advance of the elections, there being 27 votes in favor of granting the request whereas 32 (a two-thirds majority) would have been required to make it effective.

The election of the Irish Free State to the seat vacated by Canada may indicate the establishment of a precedent whereby a British dominion will be considered entitled to a place on the Council in addition to the permanent seat held by Great Britain. The Irish delegation asserted their country was a candidate on its own merits, not as a British dominion, but none the less the new principle is regarded as in process of formulation.

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