Trade Relations of the United States with Argentina

January 8, 1929

Report Outline
Economic Development of the Argentine
Argentina as a Market for United States Products
The United States as a Market for Argentine Products
Special Focus

From the standpoint of foreign trade, the Argentine Republic was the most important country visited by President-elect Hoover on his good-will tour of Latin America. Argentina is the best customer of the United States in South America, taking nearly forty per cent of all American exports to that continent. At the same time she is the most independent and self-assertive of all the southern republics. Her leaders have sharply criticised the Monroe Doctrine and other Latin-American policies of the United States. Shortly in advance of Mr. Hoover's visit they were threatening retaliation, if American tariffs should be readjusted to the disadvantage of Argentinian products.

Argentina is the fartherest removed from the United States geographically of all the South American countries. Her ports are nearer to the chief ports of Europe than they are to New York. She alone, among the Latin-American republics is a trade rival of this country-selling her agricultural products abroad in competition with those of the United States. She affords the best market in Latin America for European, as well as for American goods, and competition for her trade is keen. She employs the largest amount of foreign capital-more English than American-in relatively profitable investments. Her population is growing, and her resources promise a rapid expansion of her production, with a corresponding increase in her purchasing power.

Political Relations with Foreign Powers

Argentina's economic strength and her physical remoteness are reflected in her political relations with foreign powers. She has taken an extremely independent position in her relations both with the United States and with the great powers of Europe.

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