Immigration from Canada and Latin America

August 19, 1927

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American Immigration Policy
The New Immigration Problem
Immigration from Mexico
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Restriction of immigration from Canada and the Latin American countries by placing them under the quota plan now operating to limit the number of immigrants annually entering the United States from European countries will be recommended to the Seventieth Congress. Rep. John C. Box (Dem.) of Texas, author of a bill to limit immigration from Canada and Latin America which was introduced in 1925, has recently announced that he will re-introduce his bill during the forthcoming session.

Harry E. Hull, Commissioner General of Immigration, advocated extension of the quota system to countries of the Western Hemisphere in his report for the fiscal, year 1926, and is at present formulating recommendations of a similar nature to be presented to Congress. A number of groups are supporting the proposal to erect higher immigration barriers on the continent. This includes trade unions, farmers' organizations, women's organizations, social service agencies and some citizens associations, particularly in the Southwest and in some parts of the Middle West, where social and economic problems have arisen during recent years as the result of a large influx of Mexicans.

Defeat of Purpose of Quota Plan

Advocates of further restriction claim that the movement from Latin America is defeating the purpose of the Immigration Acts of 1921 and 1924, which were intended to reduce immigration to manageable proportions and to permit the entry of individuals who would readily become American in their ways of life.

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