The Bituminous Coal Strike

June 30, 1927

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Previous Bituminous Strikes
The Basis of the Strike
Economic Conditions in the Industry
Coal Strikes and the Government
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From 180,000 to 200,000 bituminous coal miners suspended work on April 1, 1927, when the United Mine Workers union declared a strike following the expiration of the Jacksonville agreement and the refusal of the miners to accept a demand for a reduction in wages. Approximately 12,000 more will be added to the number now idle on July 1, at the termination of a temporary working agreement in the central Pennsylvania bituminous fields.

Regardless of the fact that approximately one third of the bituminous miners of the country are out of work and production has been completely suspended in a large number of mines, little public attention has been attracted to this strike. This is due to the continued low prices of coal, ample production to meet the summer demand and the absence of strike disorders.

A meeting of union representatives and operators in the central Pennsylvania field disbanded on June 24, when the parties failed to agree upon the terms for the extension of the temporary arrangement under which the mines in this district have been operating since April 1.

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