The League of Nations - September 1926

September 3, 1926

Report Outline
Germany and the League
The United States and the League

The Assembly of the League of Nations when it convenes September 6 for its regular annual session will again have before it the problem of Germany's admission to the League, which brought to an abrupt conclusion the special session of last March. As a preliminary to the forthcoming session, a special committee has been sitting since June last in an attempt to devise a plan for reorganization of the League's Council which would permit Germany's admission with a permanent seat on the Council, and at the same time satisfy as nearly as possible the ambitions of other states.

The Council of the League, as at present organized, consists of four permanent and six non-permanent members.

Permanent Members Non-Permanent Members
France Italy Belgium Spain
Great Britain Japan Brazil Sweden
    Czechoslovakia Uruguay

In order that Germany may be given a seat it is necessary that the Council be unanimous. The obstruction arises from the fact that two of the non-permanent members - Brazil and Spain -as well as Poland, not now a member, all desire permanent seats for themselves. Neither Brazil, which gave notice of its withdrawal from the League last June, nor Spain was represented at the forty-first session of the Council which assembled at Geneva September 2.

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