American Investments in the Western Hemisphere

May 17, 1926

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Distribution of New World Investments
Investments in Canada and Mexico
Investments in Cuba, Haiti and Santo Domingo
Investments in Central America
Investments in South America

American foreign investments at the end of 1925, exclusive of Government loans to European nations, totaled $10,405,-000,000. Figures recently compiled by the Department of Commerce disclose that of this total of foreign holdings by American citizens and corporations over two-thirds is represented by investments in the Western Hemisphere.

The following table, based upon the figures of the Department of Commerce1, shows the distribution of American foreign investments by geographical areas at the end of 1925.

  Total Investment Per Cent of total
Canada and Newfoundland $2, 825, 000,000 27,1
Latin America 4,210,000,000 40.5
  $7,035,000,000 67.6
Europe $2,500,000,000 24. 0
Asia, Australia, Africa and rest of the world 870,000,000 8.4
  $3,370,000,000 32.4

The investment totals given above include government and government-guaranteed obligations, foreign industrial securities and the estimated value of the direct investments made in foreign countries by American citizens and business enterprises.

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