The President's Message

December 5, 1925

Report Outline
Federal and State Functions
Government Economy
Tax Reduction
Foreign Realtion
National Defense
Labor Legislation
Prohibition Enforcement
Railroads, Shipping and Waterways
Government Reorganization
Welfare Legislation

The President's annual message delivered December 8 at the opening of the first regular session of the Sixty-ninth Congress, contains few new proposals for specific legislative action of a striking character. Its principal interest lies in the general principles voiced, by the President, which will provide the basis for the policies of the administration during the president's second term.

“The country does not appear to require radical departures from the policies already adopted so much as it needs a further extension of these policies Ana the improvement of details,” the President said, “The age of perfection is still in the somewhat distant future, but it is more in danger of being retarded by mistaken Government activity than it is from lack of legislation.”

The President appears to have been guided by this thought in the preparation of his message, and in some sense it may be taken as the keynote of the message.

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