Foreign Debt Settlements

November 21, 1925

Report Outline
Payments on Foreign Debts to Date
Terms of Debt Funding Agreements
Payments During Next 25 Years
Total Payments Due the United States
Present Worth of Debt Payments

The principal of the debt owed to the United States by foreign governments on account of loans made during the war and armistice periods amounted on November 14, the day on which the funding agreement with the Italian government was signed, to $11,014,406,706. Of this total, $7,342,997,268, or 66.6 per cent, was covered by funding agreements negotiated by the War Debt Commission.

Total of Funded Foreign Debts

The nations which have entered into funding agreements with the United States to date are shown, with the amount of their total indebtedness, in the following table.

Country Principal, including funded interest Date funding agreement was signed
Finland $ 8,910,000 May 1, 1923
Great Britain 4,554,000,000 June 18, 1923
Hungary 1,972,883 April 25, 1924
Lithuania 6,045,225 September 22, 1924
Poland 178,560,000 November 14, 1924
* Belgium 416,904,160 August 18, 1925
* Latvia 5,775,000 September 24, 1925
* Czechoslovakia 115,000,000 October 13, 1925
* Esthonia 13,830,000 October 28, 1925
* Italy 2,042,000,000 November 14, 1925

Funding agreements with the nations indicated thus (*) have not yet been ratified by the American Congress, nor by the parliaments of the nations concerned.

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