The President's Recommendations for Action by the Sixty Eighth Congress

November 29, 1924
Entire Report

Second Session

President Coolidge's second annual message to Congress conatins 20 specific recommendations for legislative action. Ten of these are renewals of recommendations made in the President's message to the first session of the Sixty Eighth Congress. In his first message the President made 38 legislative recommendations, about half of which have been enacted into law.

The features of the President's second regular message are the stress laid upon the necessity for economy in public expenditure, to permit further reductions in taxes “after the close of the present session of Congress”, the renewal of his recommendation for American participation in the world court and the emphasis placed upon the desire of the United States to “be helpful to other nations and to assist in maintaining world peace.

New Recommendations

The President made new recommendations for legislative action upon the following subjects:

Repeal of income tax publicity Payment of French spoliation claims
Purchase of Cape Cod Canal Experiments in oil shale reduction
Extension of war debt commission Amendment of labor provisions of the Transportation Act
Centralization of responsibility for ship operation in Emergency Fleet Corporation  
Reconsideration of Section 28 of the Merchant Marine Act  
Representation of political parties at the ballot box  
Consolidation of District of Columbia welfare agencies  

Recommendations Renewed

The President renewed legislative recommendations of his first annual message on the following subjects:

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