Action of the First Session, Sixty Eighth Congress, on Presidential Recommendations

June 9, 1924

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Action on all Presidential Recommendations
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(Note—This report is intended to bring down to the end of the session the matter contained in the May 13 report on “Congressional Action of Presidential Recommendations.”

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Approximately three hundred public laws were enacted during the first session of the Sixty Eighth Congress, and signed by the President. Of these fewer than twenty carried out specific recommendations for legislation made by the President in his annual message at the opening of the session.

At the time of adjournment three measures desired by the President were scheduled for passage through the Senate, but were prevented from becoming law by the filibuster that developed in the last hours. These measures were the Smith-Hoch resolution directing the Interstate Commerce Commission to undertake a revision of the freight rate structure, giving the lowest lawful rates to agricultural products; the Naval Extension bill, authorizing construction of eight new cruisers and the Second Deficiency bill, carrying out In part the recommendations of the Reclamation Pact Finding Commission, which had been transmitted to Congress by the President with his endorsement.

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