Congressional Action on Presidential Recommendations

May 13, 1924
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In his annual message of December 6, President Coolidge made 38 specific recommendations for legislative action by Congress. The present session, if the Administration's wishes are followed, will adjourn sine die on June 7. To date 114 public laws—65 of them bridge bills and the bulk of the others of minor importance—have been enacted and signed by the President since the opening of the December session. Of these only three are measures specifically recommended by the President in his annual message and two are measures recommended in special messages.

Two additional measures dealing with subjects recommended by the President for action in his annual message, the tax reduction bill and the immigration restriction bill both of which fail to meet the President's wishes in important particulars, have been passed by both houses.

The House has enacted five bills based on Presidential recommendations in the annual message winch have not yet received attention in the Senate. They are the Rogers bill reorganizing the foreign service, the Little bill revising and codifying the laws, the child labor amendment, the Ford-Muscle Shoals bill and the reforestation bill.

The Senate has enacted four measures based on the President's recommendations which have not yet received attention in the House. They are the oil pollution bill, the Bureau of Aeronautics bill, the Veterans' Code and the McCormick resolution for a joint committee on the Great Lakes to Gulf waterway scheme.

Eight other measures based in whole or part upon Presidential recommendations, including the McNary-Haugen bill toward which the President's attitude is doubtful, have been reported by committees in one or both houses and are awaiting action on the calendars.

One measure specifically opposed by the President in his annual message the bonus has been passed by both houses by large majorities. One measure recommended in his annual message a constitutional amendment on tax exempt securities has been defeated by the House; and one measure recommended by the President in a special message the Norbeck-Burtness diversification bill has been defeated by the Senate.

The balance of the President's legislative program, excluding several minor recommendations covered, in the ten regular appropriation bills, has either received no attention at this session, or not yet reached the stage of committee action.

Recommendations Enacted and Made Law (Carried in Annual Message)

S 794 signed by the President February 11, provides for equipping the Federal penitenitiary at Leavenworth for the manufacture of government supplies a

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