Reparations Calendar

April 8, 1924
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The following are the dates of the principal events connected with the reparations problem from the signing of the armistice to date:

Nov. 11, 1918 Armistice concluded. Germany to make “reparation for damage done”.
June 28, 1919 Treaty of Versailles signed. Germany to pay for damages to persons and property.
Apr. 19–26, 1920 Conference of San Remo. Mr. Lloyd George suggests meeting with German representatives.
May 14–16, Conference of Lympne. Franco-British commission of experts set up to consider methods of payment.
June 19–22, Lympne-Boulogne conversations. International loan for Germany suggested.
July 2–4, Brussels Conference. France to receive 52 per cent of German payments, Britain 22 per cent.
July 5–16, Spa Conference. German delegates present. Percentages confirmed. Coal demands reduced.
Dec. 16–22, Brussels Conference of allied and German experts. Suggestions made that Allies be given a first charge on German customs receipts.
Jan. 24-30, 1921 First Paris Conference. Forty-two annuities and 12 per cent levy on exports agreed on.
Mar. 1–7, First London Conference. German conditional counterproposal to pay 30 billions of gold marks rejected. Materials and labor for reconstruction offered. Ultimatum delivered.
April 24, German proposa
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