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- September 18, 2020
Can they reverse their fortunes amid cascading threats?
Photo of empty newspaper boxes in Biddeford, Maine, in October 2019. (Getty Images/The Boston Globe/Jonathan Wiggs)
After decades of newspaper decline, all American news media are struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting economic recession. By curtailing or shuttering millions of businesses, the pandemic has further reduced the advertising revenue that publications rely on to survive. This has forced thousands of news organizations to cut staff, reduce production schedules or even close.

Hunger for News

Dangerous Assignments

Sources of Support

1690s–1790sGovernment subsidizes early U.S. newspapers, which are overtly partisan.
1800–1900Newspapers begin reaching for a mass audience.
1900–1996Newspapers thrive until competition from electronic media harms growth.
2000–PresentNewspapers face an economic squeeze, attacks from the Trump administration and internal dissent.

Should the ban on one company owning a newspaper and a broadcaster in the same community be repealed?


David Chavern
President and CEO, News Media Alliance.


Craig Aaron
President and Co-CEO, Free Press.


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Will the United States learn from its response to COVID-19?

Higher Education in the COVID Era

Will it remain an economic growth engine?


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