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 Welfare and Housing

January 2 - SOCIAL SECURITY: A Rare Opportunity Ahead
January 23 - SOCIAL POLICY: Opportunity Is in the Air
February 6 - From the Editor
February 6 - Members Struggle With the Nuances Of Social Security and the Surplus
February 6 - SOCIAL POLICY: Pushing the Limits Of Welfare Overhaul
February 13 - SOCIAL POLICY: Measure To Stop SSI Fraud Would Restrict Eligibility, Expand Government Power
February 13 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Social Security Compromise Appears Increasingly Difficult As GOP Critiques Clinton Plan
March 20 - SOCIAL POLICY: As Lawmakers Push To Expand Federal Funding for Child Care, GOP Accuses States of Hoarding
April 3 - SOCIAL POLICY: Better Outlook for Medicare, Social Security Could Further Slow Overhaul Efforts
April 24 - SOCIAL POLICY: Social Security Overhaul Slows As GOP Leaders Oppose Plan For Private Investment Accounts
May 1 - Filibuster Keeps Its Grip On Social Security 'Lockbox'
May 1 - SOCIAL POLICY: Archer, Shaw Push Private Accounts As Social Security Overhaul Stalls
May 15 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Seesaw Struggle Over Gun Control Imperils Senate's Juvenile Crime Bill
May 22 - SOCIAL POLICY: Aid for the Working Disabled Gets House Committee's Assent; Lott Steps Up Negotiations
May 22 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Subcommittee Votes To Double Foster Care Grants, Enhance States' Flexibility
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Republicans Grope for Strategy To Avert Collision Over Spending Bills
May 29 - SOCIAL POLICY: Bill To Help Foster Children Make Transition to Adult Life Heads to House Floor
May 29 - SOCIAL POLICY: Parties Differ Over Success of '96 Welfare Law
June 12 - SOCIAL POLICY: Is Age of Turmoil Ending For Senior Citizens' Programs?
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Is Left To Find Offsets As Senate Passes Bill Expanding Health Benefits for Working Disabled
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: Speaker Showcases Support For Archer's Effort To Craft Social Security Compromise
June 26 - 'Everyday Maladies' Excluded From Disabilities Act
June 26 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Votes To Expand Aid To Combat Problems of Youths As They Move Off Foster Care
July 17 - The Elusive 'Lockbox'
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Appropriators Concoct a VA-HUD Bill, But Full House, Senate May Make Changes
July 31 - Labor-HHS Bill Pays the Price In Hastert's Pre-Recess Drive
August 7 - SOCIAL POLICY: As Welfare Caseloads Decline, Parties Disagree Over Whether To Reach Out or Cut Back
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes VA-HUD Cuts, Setting Up Conflict With Senators Who Want Larger Spending Bill
September 18 - SOCIAL POLICY: Rewrite of Older Americans Act Sets Stage for Floor Fight Over Control of Jobs Programs
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Panel Moves Labor-HHS Bill With Accounting Gimmicks Galore
September 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes VA-HUD Bill That Differs Sharply With House On Rental Subsidy Program
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Bill Again on Course For Collision With Clinton
October 9 - APPROPRIATIONS: VA-HUD Bill Poised To Clear After Conferees Increase Funding For Rental Subsidies and FEMA
October 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Negotiators Search for Consensus On D.C. Policy Riders, Other Items In Labor-HHS Spending Measure
October 23 - Bills To Execute Adoption Treaty Differ Over Agency Jurisdiction
October 23 - Ways and Means Approves Bill To Assist Low-Income Fathers
October 30 - SOCIAL POLICY: Social Security: Next Salvo
November 6 - Conferees Near Deal on Health Aid to Disabled Workers
November 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Pact Takes Shape
November 13 - HOUSING: House Panel Approves Bill To Help Insure Homes In Disaster-Prone Areas
November 20 - Disability Bill Highlights
November 20 - SOCIAL POLICY: Disability Bill's Advocates Rewrite the Book on Lobbying
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Appropriations - Labor, Health and Human Services, Education
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Appropriations - Veterans, Housing and Urban Development
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Social Policy - Foster Care
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Social Policy - Housing for Seniors
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Social Policy - Social Security Overhaul
November 27 - SOCIAL POLICY: Senate Clears Foster Child Assistance Bill

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