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 Welfare and Housing

January 15 - Clinton's Chapter 1 Formula Runs Aground in House
January 15 - How the Current Formula Works
January 22 - Clinton Plans Major Shift In Lives of Poor People
January 22 - Clinton Urged To Slow Down
January 22 - Highlights of Clinton Plan
January 22 - HUMAN SERVICES: As New Legal Aid Law Is Written, Old Battles Will Be Refought
January 22 - Sampling Welfare Users
January 22 - Welfare Rolls: Tracking the Numbers (chart)
January 29 - Clinton Sets Get-Tough Agenda, Hard Line on Social Reforms
January 29 - HUMAN SERVICES: Clinton's Attention to Welfare Boosts Supporters' Hopes
January 29 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Tough Anti-Crime Bill Faces Tougher Balancing Act
January 29 - THE STATE OF THE UNION: Clinton Stresses Welfare, Health-Care Reform
January 29 - When Crime Hits Home (chart)
February 5 - EDUCATION: House Panel Rejects Shifting Money to Poor Schools
February 5 - EDUCATION: School Prayer, Choice Part of Senate 'Goals' Debate
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Dole Plans To Propose Gun-Buyback Program
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Grant Plan To Fight School Violence
February 5 - SECTION NOTES: Simon Agrees To Fight TV Violence Bills
February 12 - Disaster Relief: A Trial Run For the Deficit Battle
February 12 - EDUCATION : School-to-Work Program Easily Passes Senate
February 12 - EDUCATION: Senate Passes Goals 2000; Bill Heads to Conference
February 12 - Funding by Title
February 12 - Panel Shifts Funds Slightly To Target Poorer Schools
February 12 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Grants To Assist Disabled
February 12 - SPECIAL REPORT -- FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Commerce/Community Development
February 12 - SPECIAL REPORT -- FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Income Security
February 12 - SPECIAL REPORT -- FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Veterans Affairs
February 26 - Democrats as Divided as Ever On Eve of First Markup
February 26 - Home-Schooling Movement Gives House a Lesson
February 26 - NATION OF ISLAM: House Denounces Remarks As 'Racist' Speech
February 26 - School Aid (chart)
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill To Fight School Violence, Crime
February 26 - SECTION NOTES: Minority Health Programs Reauthorized by Panel
March 5 - 1994 COMMITTEE SUPPLEMENT: Senate Special Aging
March 5 - EDUCATION: More Funds to Poorer Schools Likely To Be Rejected
March 5 - For a Brief Part of Each Day Children Find an Oasis at Head Start
March 5 - Head Start Funding Nears Legislative Crossroad
March 5 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Panel Wants Crime Bill On Floor Before Recess
March 5 - Ohio Republicans Seize Crime, Health Issues
March 5 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Moynihan Prevails: Senate Grants Independence
March 12 - A Helping Hand To Lessen Crime
March 12 - Anti-Crime Measures Move To House's Front Burner
March 12 - EDUCATION: Anti-Tobacco Programs Approved by House
March 12 - How Medicare Works
March 12 - JUSTICE DEPARTMENT: Complaints Fail To Emerge At Patrick Hearing
March 12 - LABOR: More Jobless Aid Focus of Plan
March 12 - LAW/JUDICIARY: 'Community Policing' Concept Gets a National Tryout
March 12 - Stark's Bill Modeled on Medicare
March 19 - BANKING: Senate Passes Bill To Create Community Lending Fund
March 19 - EDUCATION: Conferees Reach Agreement On 'Goals 2000' Bill
March 19 - HUMAN SERVICES: Food Stamp Bill Clears House
March 19 - Provisions of Crime Bills
March 19 - SECTION NOTES: Bill on Urban Recreation Gets Panel Approval
March 19 - SECTION NOTES: House Passes Bill to Delay Regulations on Pesticides
March 19 - Seeking Support for Prevention
March 26 - Clinton's Main Tenets Drive New Movement on Health
March 26 - EDUCATION: Elementary-Secondary Aid Bill Passes House, 289-128
March 26 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Partisan Fault Lines Spark Delay on Anti-Crime Bill
March 26 - School Prayer Delays 'Goals,' Keeps Senate at Work
March 26 - SECTION NOTES: House Relaxes Rules For HUD Sales
March 26 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Higher Threshold for Taxes On Domestics Taking Shape
March 26 - Stark's Plan: Winners, Losers
March 26 - VETERANS: Panel Exempts VA From Staff Cuts
April 2 - EDUCATION: Goals 2000 Bill Clears Senate In Early-Morning Session
April 2 - HEALTH: Minority Programs OK'd by Senate
April 2 - House Democrats Divide on Welfare
April 2 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Bill On Sales by HUD
April 2 - Smith, Mollohan in Line
April 2 - Welfare Bills
April 2 - Welfare Overhaul Forces Ready To Start Without Clinton
April 16 - Bills: House vs. Senate
April 16 - EDUCATION: Conferees Give Conditional OK On School-to-Work Measure
April 16 - HEALTH: Centrist Mood Won't Stop Work on Liberal Plans
April 16 - HEALTH: Congress Moves to Middle On Overhaul Bills
April 23 - Death Penalty Expansion
April 23 - Highlights of House Crime Bill
April 23 - HOUSING: HUD Plan To Shift Funding Draws Sharp Criticism
April 23 - More Cops, Jails: House Takes A $28 Billion Aim at Crime
April 23 - SECTION NOTE: House Clears Legislation On Overdue FmHA Loans
April 23 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Rostenkowski Unveils Package Designed To Shore Up System
April 30 - CORRECTIONS: Mann votes on family leave.
April 30 - HEALTH: Moderate Democrats Shun Mandate on Employers
April 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: Clinton Pares Back Welfare Plan
April 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Passes Head Start Bill; Conference Work Is Next
April 30 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Panel Approves Tribal Bills
April 30 - LAW/JUDICIARY: House Nearing Showdown On Assault Weapons Ban
April 30 - Legislators Draw in the Reins On Environmental Rules
April 30 - Markup Moves Slowly
April 30 - SECTION NOTES: Arson Research Grants Authorized by House
April 30 - Social Security Facts
April 30 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Panel Votes to Raise Threshold For Taxes on Domestics
April 30 - SUPREME COURT: Justices: 1991 Civil Rights Law Can't Be Used Retroactively
May 7 - CORRECTION: Supplemental Security Income Benefits.
May 7 - Defining Weapons
May 7 - HOUSING: House Votes To Crack Down On Flood Insurance Rules
May 7 - HUMAN RESOURCES: Panel Reauthorizes Lunch Program
May 7 - PROVISIONS: Anti-Crime Bills Compared
May 7 - SECTION NOTES: Vets' Disability COLA Gets Senate Approval
May 7 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Panel Debates Disability Pay, OKs Agency Independence
May 14 - CORRECTION: Assault Weapons Ban
May 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Health Care Reform May Begin at Home
May 14 - HEALTH: Subcommittee Votes To Restrict Smoking in Most Buildings
May 14 - HUMAN SERVICES: Bill To Improve Head Start Awaits Clinton Signature
May 14 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Lawmakers Carve Out Territory On Crime Bill Provisions
May 14 - Montgomery Girds for Battle Over Chairman's Post
May 14 - Rostenkowski Sets Markup To Get Panel on Track
May 14 - SOCIAL SECURITY: House Revises Wage Base For Domestic Workers
May 14 - VETERANS: Medical Projects OK'd by Panel
May 21 - Breyer's Economic and Social Views
May 21 - HUMAN SERVICES: House Approves Bill To Make Social Security Independent
May 21 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Conferees Under Orders
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Extension For New Food Labels
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: House Eases Benefits Process For Black Lung Sufferers
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Cleanup Planning For Dumps on Indian Lands
May 21 - SECTION NOTES: Women Vets, Building Bills Advanced by House Panel
May 28 - Bill Highlights
May 28 - CORRECTION: Assault Weapons Ban
May 28 - Debate Over Replacement Rule Exposes Division on Housing
May 28 - HOUSING: Crime Issue Animates Debate Over Public Housing Bill
May 28 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Measure To Give More Control To Tribes OK'd by Panel
May 28 - Major Funding Sources
May 28 - Panel Enhances Premium Subsidies, Adds More Benefits to Measure
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Improve Care For Minorities OK'd
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: House OKs Bill for Work On Medical Facilities
May 28 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Passes Bill To Expand Health Care for Women Vets
May 28 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Senate Cleans Up Nanny Tax
June 4 - A Decade of Debate
June 4 - LAW/JUDICIARY:Fight Over Crime Bill Now Turns to Money
June 4 - The Strings on Tax-Exempt Status
June 4 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Health Care, Defense On List After Recess
June 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: More Quake Relief Sought by Clinton
June 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station's Fight for Life Backed Anew by Committee
June 11 - HUMAN SERVICES: Proposal Limits Fat In School Lunches
June 11 - SECTION NOTES: African-American Museum Approved by Panel
June 11 - Subcommittee Becomes First Panel To Approve Single-Payer Plan
June 11 - VETERANS: Senate Ready for Showdown On VHA Staff Exemption
June 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: D.C. Budget Woes Focus of Debates
June 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Panel Backs Crime Spending, Argues Over Peacekeeping
June 18 - Controversial Racial Justice Proposal An Explosive Issue for Lawmakers
June 18 - Entitlement Reform Panel Convenes in Pessimism
June 18 - Financing the Welfare Changes
June 18 - How Triggers Would Work
June 18 - HUMAN SERVICES: Long-Awaited Welfare Proposal Would Make Gradual Changes
June 18 - Labor-HHS-Education Spending (chart)
June 18 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Cost of Anti-Crime Package Edges Past $30 Billion
June 18 - PROVISIONS: Head Start Reauthorization
June 18 - Reauthorization Bill Approved After Hot Debate on Crime
June 18 - SECTION NOTES: House Appropriations OKs Supplemental Spending
June 18 - Senate Panel Easily Approves $12.7 Billion Measure
June 18 - The Issue of Prayer
June 18 - Triggers: Ready, Aim ... Not Yet
June 18 - VETERANS: Senate Clears Claims Bill
June 25 - A Tougher Domestic Violence Law
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Commerce, Justice, State Bill Heeds Clinton Requests
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Focusing on D.C.'s Fiscal Woes, Committee OKs Spending Bill
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Sidesteps Abortion Issue In Passing Labor-HHS Bill
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Mortgage Funds Get Boost From Senate
June 25 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station Debate Ensured By Panel's Vote To Fund It
June 25 - HEALTH: Latest FDA Tobacco Testimony Suggests Regulation Is Near
June 25 - HOUSING: Chambers Differ on How Big An FHA Loan Can Be
June 25 - HUMAN SERVICES: Nutrition Programs OK'd by Panel
June 25 - HUMAN SERVICES: Welfare Overhaul Hearing Set; Action Pegged to Other Issues
June 25 - Panel Democrats Hold Together Despite Wrangles Over Benefits
June 25 - Racial Sentencing Provision Snarls Crime Legislation
June 25 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves Crime Funds, Rejects Peacekeeping Cuts
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Passes $249.7 Billion For Labor-HHS Spending
July 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Space Station Bounces Back With Strong House Vote
July 2 - Gulf War Syndrome Benefits Approved by House Panel
July 2 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Panel Votes To Put U.S. At Bargaining Table
July 2 - Mysterious Enemy
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Coast Guard Renewal Bill Sets Drug-Fighting Threshold
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Holocaust Survivor Bill Approved by Panel
July 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Measure On Torture Lawsuits
July 9 - Big Decisions Now on Shoulders Of House, Senate Leaders
July 9 - Mixed Signals
July 9 - Pulling the 'Soft Trigger'
July 16 - APPROPRIATIONS: Congress Orders District To Reduce Budget
July 16 - CLARIFICATION: Community Development Banks
July 16 - Clinton's Investment Proposals (chart)
July 16 - CRIME: Black Caucus Support at Risk Over Death Sentence Issue
July 16 - EDUCATION: Aid Bill Tinkering Continues; Senate Floor Fights Likely
July 16 - HUMAN SERVICES: Bill Would Guard Aid To Holocaust Victims
July 16 - Industry Is a House Divided Over FHA Loan Expansion
July 16 - LAW/JUDICIARY: Senate Panel Backs Sharp Rise In Anti-Crime Spending
July 16 - Leaders Signal Readiness To Deal On Employer Mandates
July 16 - Oil-State Senator Tosses Match Into Gasoline Additive Debate
July 16 - Once Again, Abortion Is the Issue
July 16 - Proposed Limits on FHA Loans (chart)
July 16 - Senate Panel Aims for Flexibility In Veterans' Health Options
July 23 - Abortion Battle Resurfaces In Veterans Panel Vote
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Crime Funding Moving Ahead In Commerce-Justice Bill
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Spending Bill Moves to Senate Floor
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate OKs Bill Requiring D.C. To Cut Budget by $75 Million
July 23 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Agriculture Bill After Detour Into Gay Rights
July 23 - BANKING: Conferees Stall On Two Major Bills, Holding Up Banking Agenda
July 23 - BANKING: House Approves Energy Panel's Bill on Insurance 'Redlining'
July 23 - CORRECTION: Abortion
July 23 - Democrats' Disagreements Delay, Imperil Crime Bill
July 23 - District of Columbia Spending (chart)
July 23 - HOUSING: House Passes Reauthorization After Fight Over Aliens
July 23 - HUMAN SERVICES: Child Nutrition Programs Reauthorized by House
July 23 - HUMAN SERVICES: Holocaust Bill Clears Senate
July 23 - INDIANS: Peyote's Protections Would Become Law
July 23 - LABOR/ECONOMIC AFFAIRS: Administration Urges Congress To Push Pension Bill
July 23 - LABOR: Ways and Means Subcommittee OKs Job Retraining Bill
July 23 - Leaders Tell Clinton Measure Must Have Slower Approach
July 23 - Leadership Perks
July 23 - SECTION NOTES: Weatherization Discrepancies Addressed in Renewal Bill
July 23 - SOCIAL SECURITY: Conference OKs Bill Creating Independent Agency
July 23 - Storming the Capital
July 23 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
July 23 - VA-HUD Bill's 'Special Projects' Get Red-Carpet Treatment
July 23 - VETERANS: Gulf Syndrome Compensation Approved by House Panel
July 30 - $33 Billion Crime Measure Heads to Last Hurdles
July 30 - BANKING: Conferees Iron Out Final Knots, Combine Two Major Bills
July 30 - Battle Over Medicare Part C Plan
July 30 - Chances for Overhaul in Doubt As Time for Action Dwindles
July 30 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
July 30 - Crime Bill's Final Version
July 30 - EDUCATION: Funding Formula, Prayer Issue Hold Up Senate Action
July 30 - HEALTH: Leaders Using Fervent Approach To Convert Wavering Members
July 30 - HUMAN SERVICES: Panel OKs Federal Worker Part Of Child Support Measure
July 30 - NEA's Brushes With Controversy
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Restrictions On 'Orphan' Drug Rights
July 30 - SECTION NOTES: Peyote Protection Bill Advances in House
July 30 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Crime Bill Advances To Top of Agenda
August 6 - 'King of the Hill'
August 6 - Assault Weapons Ban, Death Penalty Stall House Action on Crime Bill
August 6 - Assistance Experiments
August 6 - BANKING: House Approves Interstate, Community Lending Bills
August 6 - Bill Aims To Protect Religious Freedom
August 6 - Candidates Embrace Crime Issue
August 6 - DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Conferees Agree To Cut Federal Payment
August 6 - Effects of Costly Crime Bill Will Be Tough To Measure
August 6 - Food Stamp Experiments Spark Welfare Debate
August 6 - HEALTH: Orphan Drug Bill Gets Panel OK
August 6 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Panel Approves Bill To Toughen Indian Child-Protection Act
August 6 - Judiciary Panel OKs Provisions On Malpractice, Antitrust
August 6 - Mitchell Aims for 95 Percent
August 6 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Calls for Hill Action On Crime, Health Care Bills
August 6 - Senate Passes School Aid Bill But Shifts Funding Formula
August 6 - The Latest Untouchable Fund
August 6 - VETERANS: House Approves Veterans' Bills
August 13 - A Mixed Review From CBO
August 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Approves D.C. Budget
August 13 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Passes Labor-HHS Bill; Measure Goes to Conference
August 13 - BANKING: Community Lending Bill Clears; Interstate Branching Held Up
August 13 - Clinton, Democrats Scramble To Save Anti-Crime Bill
August 13 - CORRECTION: Health Care
August 13 - Democrats' Defeat Raises Specter of Gridlock
August 13 - FEDERAL SPENDING: Commission Moves Carefully On Entitlement Cuts
August 13 - For Some Republicans, a Tough Call
August 13 - House Delays Health Care Debate As Leaders Plot Strategy
August 13 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Despite Opposition, Panel OKs Bill Protecting Indian Sites
August 13 - LABOR/ECONOMICS: Bill To Tighten Pension Rules Heading to House Floor
August 13 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Says Vote on Crime Bill 'Failed the American People'
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: House Authorizes Programs On Railroad Safety
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Panel OKs Bill To Strengthen Child Support Enforcement
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Republicans State Objections As Bill on Lead Advances
August 13 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Approves Renewal Of Homeless Program
August 13 - SOCIAL SECURITY: 10 Years Later, House Clears Bill To Make Agency Independent
August 13 - Votes on Crime Bill
August 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Funding for Crime Programs Heads to President
August 20 - APPROPRIATIONS: Home Loan Limits Rise Slightly In Final VA-HUD Bill
August 20 - Clinton's Appeal to the People Carries Short-Term Gains, Long-Term Risks
August 20 - Commerce-Justice-State Spending (chart)
August 20 - Gun Ban 'Energized' NRA Members
August 20 - Major Unfinished Business Upsets Members' Plans
August 20 - Marathon Talks Produce New Anti-Crime Bill
August 20 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Changes Policy on Cuba, Describes View of Crime Bill
August 20 - Section Notes: House Passes Bill Giving More Control to Indians
August 20 - Section Notes: Railroad Jobless Bill Passes House
August 20 - The Crime Compromise
August 20 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Health Care, Crime Bills Keep Congress Going
August 27 - $30 Billion Anti-Crime Bill Heads to Clinton's Desk
August 27 - HEALTH: Prospects for Major Overhaul Fade as Senate Goes Home
August 27 - RECESS NOTES: Senate Passes Legislation On Child Nutrition
August 27 - The Modified Crime Bill
August 27 - VETERANS: Senate Approves Veterans Bills
August 27 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Legislators Head Home For Shortened Recess
September 10 - SPECIAL ISSUES REPORT: Housing
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: An Opportunity Lost?
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Community Development Lending
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Crime Bill, Assault Weapons Ban
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Fiscal 1994 Supplements
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Government Mandates
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Immigration
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Insurance 'Redlining'
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Major Domestic Bills Had Bipartisan Support
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: National Highway System
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Social Security Independence
September 10 - SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE OUTLOOK: Welfare Overhaul
September 17 - A Cleveland Cornucopia
September 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: A Mixed Reaction To Barry Victory
September 17 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Safeguards HUD Projects, Proving Earmarks' Popularity
September 17 - CORRECTION: Housing Vote
September 17 - Getting a Run for Their Money
September 17 - Support Erodes as Key Backers Voice Little Hope for Passage
September 17 - VA, HUD, Independent Agencies (chart)
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Agriculture Conference Report Makes a Dent in the Deficit
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Amendments Stall D.C. Budget Just Short of Final Approval
September 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Labor-HHS Bill Goes to Senate After House Adopts Report
September 24 - Details of Bipartisan Bill
September 24 - Education Bill Provisions
September 24 - FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Bills on Child Abuse Payments, Sick Leave Passed by House
September 24 - Funding Formula Compromise Holding Up Conferees
September 24 - Labor-HHS-Education Spending (chart)
September 24 - SECTION NOTES: Fire Prevention Measure Advances in House
September 24 - VETERANS: Persian Gulf Syndrome Bill Approved by Senate Panel
October 1 - A Health Care Chronology
October 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: After Delay Over Amendments, Senate Clears Labor-HHS Bill
October 1 - APPROPRIATIONS: Earmarks Stay in VA-HUD Bill Cleared for Clinton
October 1 - D.C. Bill Goes Down to the Wire Before Senate Stamps It OK
October 1 - Demise of Health Care Overhaul Produced Big Winners and Losers
October 1 - Details of the Housing Bills
October 1 - House Gives Its Approval To School Aid Measure
October 1 - HOUSING: Hill Trying To Build Flexibility Into HUD's Programs
October 1 - Overhaul Issue Unlikely To Rest in Peace
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Backs Indians' Right To Use Peyote in Religion
October 1 - SECTION NOTES: Senate Clears Measure On Vets' Job Rights
October 1 - Senate Bill in Limbo
October 1 - SOCIAL SECURITY: $1,000 Tax Threshold Backed For Domestic Workers
October 8 - Assessing the 103rd Congress What Passed and What Didn't
October 8 - Congress Clears 'Nanny Tax' Bill To 'Decriminalize Baby Sitting'
October 8 - End of Session Marked By Partisan Stalemate
October 8 - HEALTH: Deal Struck on Regulation Of Dietary Supplements
October 8 - INDIAN AFFAIRS: Trust Fund, Recognition Bills Gain House Approval
October 8 - PENSIONS: Retiree Tax, Benefits Bills Move Forward in House
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Avoid Pipeline Ruptures Gets House Approval
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Child Nutrition Renewals Address New Guidelines
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Cleared Bill Restricts Changes In Child Support
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Minority Health Bill Closer to Passage
October 8 - SECTION NOTES: Rights Commission Bill Heads to President
October 8 - Senate Ends Prayer Filibuster, Clears $12.7 Billion Bill
October 15 - Approaching an Overhaul
October 15 - HUMAN SERVICES: Pieces of Child-Support Bill Salvaged at Session's End
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Bill To Restrict Pension Taxes Dies in the Senate
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: House Clears Bill To Extend Quake Preparedness Efforts
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Housing Program Renewal Bill Does Not Reach Senate Floor
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Maritime Safety Package Dies in Senate
October 15 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Bill To Reauthorize Transportation Safety Board
October 15 - Welfare Issue Finds Home On the Campaign Trail
October 29 - SECTION NOTES: Illegal Immigrant Nanny Story Rocks Huffington Campaign
October 29 - SECTION NOTES: LaRocco Admits Firm Paid To Settle Woman's Suit
November 5 - Food Program Spending (chart)
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: 'School to Work' Transition
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Community Development Lending
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: District of Columbia
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Housing
November 5 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Welfare Overhaul
November 5 - Major Food Programs
November 12 - HOUSE COMMITTEES: Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs
November 12 - SENATE COMMITTEES: Indian Affairs
November 19 - 'CONTRACT WITH AMERICA': House GOP Offers Descriptions Of Bills To Enact 'Contract'
November 19 - Highlights of Welfare Proposal
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: Broad Plan Alters Nature Of Welfare Debate
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: GOP Says Proposals Show It Cares About Seniors
November 19 - REPUBLICAN AGENDA: GOP Uses Tax Incentives To Foster Family Values
December 3 - PROVISIONS: Community Development Banking Law
December 10 - Parts of Welfare Plan Concern GOP Moderates, Governors
December 10 - PROVISIONS: Crime Bill Provisions
December 10 - Shaw's Concerns
December 17 - PROVISIONS: Education Bill Provisions
December 31 - Some Modest Proposals On Republican Table

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