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January 3 - 2010 Key House Vote: Chinese Currency Valuation
January 17 - Boxing Champion Lobbies Congress for Philippine Trade Act
January 31 - China Drives U.S. Role in Pacific Trade
January 31 - Service Companies Want a Shift in the Trade Game
February 14 - Bill to Extend Trade Adjustment Benefits Pulled
March 7 - Friends Defend 'Nimble' USTR
March 21 - Truck Stop: FAIR Weighs In
April 4 - Cuba: By Air, but Not by Sea?
April 11 - An Artifactual Dispute
April 18 - Political Economy: Just a Dollar Down
April 25 - Trade Policy Brings Stress to the Party
May 2 - In Latin America, China Makes Its Mark
May 16 - Label Rules Would Leave Bad Aftertaste
May 23 - China Focus Shifts From Yuan to Market Access
May 30 - Coming Around on Russia?
May 30 - India's Doubts About U.S. Prove Hard to Overcome
June 13 - Keeping Up With the Jones Act
June 20 - Heat Rises on Hill Around Trade Program Extension
June 20 - Political Economy: Appreciating the Yuan
June 27 - Freer Trade Ahead?
July 4 - Client of the Month Club: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain
July 4 - Senate Republicans Scuttle Markup to Protest Scheduling, Aid Provisions
July 11 - Committees Approve Trade Pacts, Split on Displaced Workers Benefits
September 19 - House Republicans Combine CR With $3.7 Billion in Disaster Aid
September 19 - Panel-Approved Bill Diverges from House Version on NASA, Justice
September 26 - Senate Passes Adjustment Aid Bill
October 3 - Natural Gas Boom Fuels Export Push
October 3 - Trading Places on the Yuan
October 10 - A World Of Doubt: It's America's Turn to Be Lectured on Governing
October 10 - Beyond the Fight Over Currency
October 10 - Partisan Turmoil in Senate Delays Action on China Currency Measure
October 10 - Stalled Trade Deals Move on Fast Track
October 10 - Trade Pacts: Gift or Gift Horse?
October 17 - At Bat Against a Borer
October 17 - Bipartisanship Breaks Trade Logjam
October 17 - Senate Backs Bill That Would Allow Sanctions for Undervalued Currencies
October 24 - Technology: Burman
October 31 - Cap-and-Trade Plan Doesn't Fly With Airlines
October 31 - Fast Track's Last Act?
October 31 - Mines Bring Lode of Discord
October 31 - Solar Forecast: Plenty of Sun, Dark Clouds Ahead
November 7 - Panel Approves Bill to Build on Iran Sanctions
November 7 - Trade: Bond
November 7 - Transportation Jobs Proposals Reach Roadblocks in Senate
November 14 - Turning America's Gaze Toward Asia
November 21 - COPS Program, Telescope Funds Spared From House Budget Ax
November 21 - Something Fishy in the Bay State
November 21 - Updated Tariff Schedule Long Overdue, Critics Say
November 28 - Mastering Their Domains
December 5 - Burma Save: Reading Signs
December 12 - A Foreign Policy 'Reset,' But Not a Clean Slate
December 12 - Bill to Toughen Espionage Penalties Advances

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