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January 5 - Emerging Players: Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont.
January 19 - The Leadership War
January 19 - WTO Rules Against U.S. On Tax Breaks
January 26 - China Human Rights Monitoring Off to Long-Delayed Start on Hill
January 26 - Issue of Price Supports Forces Uneasy Mingling Of Farm Bill, Trade Policy
January 26 - Veneman's Inexperience as an 'Insider' Gives Members Fodder for Criticism
February 9 - Fast-Track Bill Threatened By Partisan Disagreement Over Displaced Workers
February 16 - Bush Seeks Middle Ground On Pakistani Import Quotas
February 16 - Sudan Sanctions Bill Cools Off As Peace Talks Are Conducted
February 16 - Zoellick Sides With Farmers In Dispute With Canada
March 2 - Bush's Decision on Steel Tariffs May Reheat Fast-Track Debate
March 2 - Dual-Use Technology Debate Revived
March 9 - Bush Breaks With Position, Moves to Protect Steel Industry
March 9 - Dual-Use Export Bill Advances
March 9 - Editor's Notebook: The High Ground
March 9 - Weaving a Deal on Fast Track
March 23 - House Panel Approves Measure To Strengthen Nation's Port Security But Scope of Plan Falls Short of Senate Plan
March 30 - Bush Steel Tariffs Bite Back
March 30 - Bush's Fast-Track Agenda
March 30 - Fast Track Losing Support in House As Last Year's Backers Reconsider
March 30 - New Homeland Security Duties Spotlight Service's Juggling Act
April 6 - Daschle: No Fast Track Without TAA
April 13 - Brief small heds Prison Factories Get Worked Over on Hill
April 27 - Benefits for Displaced Workers Considered Essential in Negotiations To Pass Fast-Track Authority
April 27 - Steel Tariff Disapproval Measure Sent to House Floor, Unfavorably
May 4 - Fast-Track Legislation Could Be Another Weapon in War on Terror
May 4 - Senate Changes to Fast-Track Bill Could Hurt Long-Term Prospects
May 4 - Steelworkers and Medical Aid
May 4 - Treasury Is Focus of Ex-Im Conference
May 11 - Activist's Release Deflates Burma Trade Ban Proposal
May 11 - Bush's Steel Tariffs Backed in House
May 11 - Democrats Use Trade Measure To Expand Help for Displaced Workers
May 11 - Editor's Notebook: Rules of Disorder
May 11 - One Senate Deal on Fast Track Leaves Other Avenues for Debate
May 18 - Concessions on Both Sides Leave No One Entirely Satisfied With Trade Bill
May 18 - Presidents, Lawmakers Alike Caught Up In Cuba Embargo's Power to Polarize
May 18 - Though an Iconoclast on Fast Track, GOP Leader Lives to Tell the Tale
May 25 - Biden's Usual Warm Relations With Russia Chills Out Over Chicken Crusade
May 25 - Customs Bills Passed
May 25 - Democrats Keep One Eye on Trade, Other on Future Presidential Runs
May 25 - GOP Hopes for Fast-Track Fixes As Trade Bill Goes to Conference
May 25 - Late White House Pressure Prompts Ex-Im Bank Deal To Give Bush New Power
May 25 - Riders on the House Supplemental
May 25 - Sen. Dodd Looks for Middle Ground On Easing Cuban Trade Embargo Following Bush-Carter Clash
May 25 - The Next Possible Trade Deals
June 8 - Early Friction For Conference On Fast Track
June 8 - Ex-Im Bank Bill Sent To President's Desk
June 8 - Senate Prepared to Approve Arms Control Treaty With Russia
June 15 - Commerce, Justice, State: Local Cuts Could Offset Security Plan
June 22 - Lawmakers Note Little Momentum On Curbing Corporate Offshore Flight
June 22 - Proposed Divisions and Duties Of New Security Department
June 22 - Thomas' Fast-Track Strategy Proves Tough Sell to GOP, Critical Democratic Supporters
June 29 - Rank and File Barely on Board As House Details Its Positions For Trade Bill Conference
July 27 - A Worried Congress Forced Into Legislative Overdrive
July 27 - Deal Puts Fast Track on Track
July 27 - House Gives Thumbs Up To Normal Trade With Vietnam
August 3 - Bank Pulls Foreign Steel Loan
August 3 - Bush Plan to Lower Agriculture Tariffs Could Open Farm Law to Changes
August 3 - Bush Wins Key Victory Before Recess: Fast-Track Trade Negotiating Authority
August 3 - Exemptions to Imported Steel Tariffs Political Tightrope for White House
August 10 - Bush Signs Fast-Track Legislation
August 10 - Counting on Trade Issues' Impact In Pennsylvania Union Country
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Trade
August 10 - Provisions of the Trade Bill
September 14 - Conference on Maritime Security Bill Bogged Down by Plan to Offset Costs Through Port User Fees and Surcharges
September 14 - EU Threat of Punitive Tariffs Forces Congress to Act on Taxes
September 14 - Smith's Loss in New Hampshire Primary Reflects Both His Own Missteps And GOP Struggle for Senate Control
September 14 - Thomas' Style and Controversial Bill Come Under Fire From His Own Party
September 28 - Potential Allies View Trade and Aid As Compensation for Cooperation
October 5 - Better Braced for Oil Shocks
October 19 - Conservatives' Security Concerns Keep Odds Slim for Relaxing 'Dual Use' Technology Controls
October 19 - Rep. Cox Seeks to Create New Office To Ensure Global Access to Online News
October 26 - White House and Kremlin Want End to Cold War Trade Law
November 2 - Bill to Beef Up Port Security Becomes Magnet for Maritime Add-Ons
November 2 - Satellite TV for Boaters Unlikely
November 30 - Trade Proposal Draws Fire From Steel, Textile States
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Export Administration Act
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Export-Import Bank Authorization
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Fast-Track Trade Authority
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Port Security
December 14 - Calio's Assertive Style Moves Legislation, But Hill Republicans Have Paid a Price

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