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January 2 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Hastert Wins High Marks From the Business Community
January 9 - Baseball Diplomacy
January 9 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Eases Restrictions on Cuba But Stops Short of Reviewing Embargo
January 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster Sets Out To Protect Aviation At the Risk of Provoking McCain
January 23 - COMMERCE: Casinos Look To Improve Their Odds on Capitol Hill
January 23 - Indian Gambling Operations Find 'Devoted' Advocate in Rep. Kennedy
January 23 - The Virtual Casino
January 23 - TRADE: Hopes for Fast-Track Trade Bill Revived in the Senate
January 30 - BANKING & FINANCE: 'Push Is On' for Financial Services Overhaul, But a Big Obstacle Remains
January 30 - Defense and Foreign Policy Notes
January 30 - Export Controls in History
January 30 - TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS: Court Ruling on Local Phone Market May Prompt Telecom Law Rewrite, Battle Over FCC Reauthorization
January 30 - TRADE: Report on Chinese Espionage Revives Interest in Export Controls
February 6 - Clinton's Initiatives To Aid Africa Face Difficulties in Congress
February 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: As Hill Considers Law's Failings, Companies See Their Opening
February 6 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passage of FAA Bill Sets Up Rematch With Senate Over Airport Flight Expansions
February 13 - BANKING: Banking Panel Approves Bill on Interest
February 13 - Bill Would Give Congress a Veto Over Agriculture Embargoes
February 13 - COMMERCE: With Oil and Gas Prices Low, Passions Run High Over Fee Increase
February 13 - COMMUNICATIONS: Phone Privacy, 911 Bills Win Panel Approval
February 13 - Creditors Push To Revive Bankruptcy Overhaul Bill With Minimal Changes
February 13 - DEFENSE: Does Security Suffer as Pentagon Shops in the Global Marketplace?
February 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Bill To Foster Trade With Africa Advances in House After Debate On Worker Rights, Environment
February 13 - REGULATION: Clinton Team Has Varied Strategy For Attacking Big Tobacco
February 13 - Relief for Certain Child Workers Advances in House
February 13 - Senate Panel Votes To Repeal Limits on Multistate Utilities
February 13 - Tariff Reduction Bill Expected To Clear Congress
February 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Acrimonious Conference Ahead As McCain Pledges To Fight For Competition in FAA Bill
February 20 - AGRICULTURE: Hog Farmers' Crisis May Require Creative Response From Capitol Hill
February 20 - BANKING: Gramm's Financial Services Rewrite Attacked as Coming Up Short On Community Investment, Insurance
February 20 - Key Trade Bills
February 20 - TRADE: Protectionist Stirrings In a Time of Plenty
February 27 - 911 Bill Wins House Passage, Moves to Senate Panel
February 27 - COMMERCE: States, Localities Say Internet Tax Panel Is Stacked Against Them
February 27 - Corrections
February 27 - EMPLOYMENT & LABOR: GOP Criticizes Teamsters' Aid To Democrats
February 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Cuban-American Agenda Marked by New Diversity
February 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Hurricane Relief, Embassy Security Get a Critical Look on Hill
February 27 - FOREIGN POLICY: Capitol Hill Hosts Annual Ritual: Alternately Warning and Encouraging Mexico on Anti-Drug Campaign
February 27 - House Votes To Close Loophole In Cell Phone Privacy Law
February 27 - Human Rights Loom Large As China Trade Debate Nears
February 27 - REGULATION: For Independent Contractors' Group, Price of Deregulation Is Eternal Vigilance
February 27 - Senate Panel Fires First Shot In Battle Over Satellite TV's Access to Network Affiliates
March 6 - BANKING: Clash Over Community Reinvestment Threatens Senate Financial Services Bill
March 6 - BUSINESS REGULATIONS: Hearings Will Spotlight Consumer Misfortunes In Mail Order Sweepstakes
March 6 - Plane Crash Compensation Bill Passes
March 6 - TECHNOLOGY: Senate Backs Y2K Loans For Small Businesses; Liability Protections Advance
March 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Congress Considers How To Respond To a New Era of Cable Competition
March 6 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes Bill To Ban Concorde, Retaliating Against European Move To Keep Out Older, U.S.-Made Jets
March 6 - Work Exemption for Amish Youth Passes House, Moves to Senate
March 13 - COMMERCE: Cruise Lines' Favored Status Churns Up Resentment
March 13 - COMMONALITY OF INTERESTS: Congress' Travel Habits Are Wind Beneath The Wings of Passenger Bill of Rights
March 13 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Evidence of Chinese Nuclear Espionage Arms Critics of Clinton 'Engagement' Policy
March 13 - Lawmakers Voice Support For Exxon-Mobil Merger
March 13 - No Hill Progress on Embargo Despite U.S.-Cuba Ballgame
March 13 - TECHNOLOGY: Broadcast Deal Is a Hopeful Sign For Lawmakers' Efforts To Help Satellite TV Compete With Cable
March 13 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Pro-Encryption Bill Gains Traction, But Administration Reiterates Law Enforcement Objections
March 13 - TRADE: House Bill Catches Free-Traders Between Big Steel and a Hard Place
March 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Panel's Approval of Aviation Bill Portends Conference Acrimony Over Sharp Spending Increases
March 20 - Air Quality Ruling May Force Cities To Halt Transportation Projects, Lobby for Legislative Solution
March 20 - FAA Reauthorized for 60 Days by Unanimous Senate Vote
March 20 - FCC Chairman Pledges Changes; Lawmakers Keep Up Pressure
March 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Republicans Demand Action On Chinese Nuclear Espionage Before Trade Issues Are Addressed
March 20 - Passengers' Rights Bills Meet Opposition From Airlines
March 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Members Bullish on Bill To Protect Stock Exchange And Other Database Purveyors
March 20 - TRADE: House Passes Steel Import Quotas Despite White House Veto Threat; Senators Plan Different Approach
March 27 - Airports Improvement Program Is Extended to May 31 by House
March 27 - Clinton Promises Africa Relief On Trade and Debt -- Again
March 27 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Stoked by Farm Interests, Anti-Sanctions Movement Builds in Both Chambers
March 27 - TECHNOLOGY: Bills To Foster Satellite TV As Competition to Cable Move to House Floor
April 3 - A Guide to the Next Shutdown
April 3 - Chart: A Range of Undercounts
April 3 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Mayors Aren't Sitting Down For the Count
April 10 - COMMERCE: As Hearings on IOC Gear Up, Senators Call Proposed Reforms For Olympic Selection Inadequate
April 10 - U.S. Retains Libya Sanctions Despite Surrender of Suspects
April 17 - COMMERCE: Bipartisan Pact Reached on Y2K Liability
April 17 - COMMERCE: Olympic Committee Squeaks By With a Reprieve and a Warning
April 17 - House Finagles Extension Of Insurance on Risky Flights
April 17 - Olympics To Get $171 Million
April 17 - Shuster Makes a Gain in Effort To Protect Airport Funding
April 17 - TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS: Digital Haves and Have-Nots
April 17 - TRANSPORTATION: Proposal To Spend Gasoline Taxes On Gore's 'Livability Agenda' Gains Little Traction in Senate
April 24 - DOING THE MINIMUM: A Battle for Credit
May 1 - An Annual Trade Ritual That Won't Die Easily
May 1 - COMMERCE: Cloture Vote on Y2K Liability Is a Win for Bill Opponents, But No One Is About To Yield
May 1 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: The China Policy Syndrome: U.S. Struggles To See Clearly
May 1 - FOREIGN POLICY: Hill Applauds Clinton's Move To Ease Some Trade Sanctions Against Iran, Libya and Sudan
May 1 - On-Budget or Off? Aviation Trust Fund Has Lawmakers Calculating
May 1 - TECHNOLOGY: Competition Heats Up for Cable As House Votes To Let Satellite TV Transmit Local Programming
May 1 - TRANSPORTATION: Small Airports' Ambitions Steer Transportation Bill
May 8 - Another Stopgap FAA Bill Expected
May 8 - COMMERCE: House Is Ready To Limit Y2K Suits, But Administration's Opposition, Skepticism in Senate Portend Trouble
May 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House GOP's Pliancy On Minimum Wage Rooted in Election Concerns
May 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Comsat Merger Gets Panel's Approval, But GOP Has Yet To Address Customer Demands for Lower Rates
May 8 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate Measure Seeks Speedier Merger Rulings
May 15 - COMMERCE: White House Seeks To Reshape Y2K Liability Legislation As Battle Moves to Senate
May 15 - Senate Panel Votes To Ban Most Domestic On-Line Betting; Offshore Operations Spotlighted
May 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Conferees Agree to Extend FAA For 2 Months; Shuster Gets June Vote On His Controversial 5-Year Plan
May 15 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Panel To Examine Charges Of Administration Sluggishness In Carrying Out Highway Law
May 15 - YAKETY YAK (DON'T TALK BACK): It's Not Only Rock and Roll, It's a Living
May 22 - Satellite TV Bill Wins Senate Passage
May 22 - SOCIAL POLICY: Aid for the Working Disabled Gets House Committee's Assent; Lott Steps Up Negotiations
May 22 - TRADE: Trade Measure Inches Forward In the House
May 29 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senate Transportation Bill Would Cap Big States' Share of Transit Funds; Airline Flier 'Bill of Rights' Dropped
May 29 - HEALTH: Aid for Working Disabled Snags Again as Gramm Balks Over Tax Implications
May 29 - Long-Delayed Tariff Bill Heads Back to House Floor
May 29 - McCain Offers Compromise On Encryption Exports
May 29 - REGULATION: Truck Safety Movement Shifts Into Overdrive
May 29 - Safety Standards Collide at the Border
May 29 - TRANSPORTATION: Shuster's Revised FAA Measure, Approved by House Panel, Raises Ire of Appropriators
May 29 - Truck Industry Circles the Trailers As Chafee Tries To Revise Excise Taxes
June 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Republicans Face Challenge On China Trade Policy: Balance Security, Economics
June 12 - Administration Defends Pace Of Highway Law Implementation
June 12 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Bill Heads to House Floor, With Airports a Prime Target for Cuts
June 12 - Chart: Transportation Spending Highlights
June 12 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Takes a Step To Strengthen Protection of Defense Technology
June 12 - Gilman Criticizes North Korea Aid
June 12 - SMOKE & MIRRORS: Are Congress and the FCC on the Same Wavelength?
June 12 - TRADE: Bill To Waive Certain Duties Clears House
June 12 - TRADE: Panel Approves Bill To Limit Food Embargoes
June 12 - TRADE: Ways and Means Moves Bills To Boost Caribbean Basin, Sub-Saharan Africa Trade
June 19 - Airlines Pledge To Improve Service
June 19 - COMMERCE: Barton Calls for Action On Electricity Deregulation Despite Daunting Problems
June 19 - COMMERCE: Encryption Bill OK'd; Security Still an Issue
June 19 - COMMERCE: Senate Passes Loan Subsidies For Steel Companies, Some Oil and Gas Producers
June 19 - COMMERCE: Web Gambling Is the Target Of Senate Bill
June 19 - FOREIGN POLICY: House Passes Agriculture Sanctions Bill
June 19 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Is Left To Find Offsets As Senate Passes Bill Expanding Health Benefits for Working Disabled
June 19 - TRADE: Senate Panel Moves Alternative To Steel Import Quota Bill; Roth Vows To Push Fast Track
June 19 - TRANSPORTATION: Aviation Trust Fund Fight Shifts to Senate As Shuster's Plan Wins in House
June 26 - APPROPRIATIONS: House Transportation Bill Heads for Senate Without Money for Air Traffic Controllers
June 26 - Chart: Trade Bills
June 26 - Free Trade Transforms Textile Country Along South Carolina's 'Autobahn'
June 26 - Influential Voices in the Debate
June 26 - Softer 'Passenger Rights' Bill Moves
June 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Encryption Bill Approved As Stevens Appeals for Caution In Era of 'Cyber-Warfare'
June 26 - TRADE: Senate Panel Approves Trade Bills Benefiting Africa and Caribbean;Textiles May Prove Contentious
June 26 - TRADE: Textile Industry Torn Over Survival Strategy
June 26 - TRADE: White House, Farm Groups Stave Off Senate Vote On Steel Import Quotas
July 3 - BANKING & FINANCE: Vote Margin on Financial Services Rewrite Gives House Leverage on Privacy Issues
July 3 - Correction: Transportation Spending
July 3 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: House Panel Backs 4-Year OPIC Bill
July 3 - HOW THE WEST WAS WON: Oklahoma Takes the A-Train With Amtrak
July 3 - Sen. Smith To Block Gun Measures
July 3 - Senate Bill Seeks To Accelerate FCC Review of Telecom Mergers
July 3 - Senate Passes Bill To Promote Privatizing Satellite Business
July 3 - TRADE: Despite Ongoing House Debate, Ways and Means Votes To Renew Normal Trade Status for China
July 10 - Economic Aid Goes Local
July 10 - Will a Cold Shoulder Replace Post-Cold War Optimism?
July 17 - Clinton Request for More Funds Rekindles Census Fight
July 17 - FTC Opposes Federal Regulation Of Internet Privacy
July 17 - House Corrects NHTSA Funding, Authorizes $107.9 Million
July 17 - House Panel Backs Pension Bill
July 17 - TECHNOLOGY: Deeply Divided Over Encryption Bill, House Looks to Clinton for a Deal
July 17 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Republicans Hold Up PBS Reauthorization After Learning Democrats Received Donor Lists
July 17 - TRADE: With Strong White House Support, House Passes Africa Trade Bill Despite Dissension in Black Caucus
July 24 - APPROPRIATIONS: Austere Commerce-Justice-State Bills Move Through Congress
July 24 - COMMERCE: Intended To Protect Minors, Bill on Internet Alcohol Sales Is Stage for Industry Showdown
July 24 - Correction: Africa Trade
July 24 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Central Asian Trade Measure Goes Forward
July 24 - TECHNOLOGY: Security-Minded Panel Votes To Limit Encryption Exports; Clinton Staying Out of Fray
July 24 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Donor-List Controversy Revitalizes Critics of Public Broadcasting
July 31 - APPROPRIATIONS: Republicans Lament Spending Caps, Then Advance an Array of Cuts In Commerce-Justice-State Bill
July 31 - BANKING: Export-Import Bank Logjam Continues
July 31 - Bill Would Require Meatpackers To Disclose Livestock Prices
July 31 - Bills Would Curb Union 'Salting,' Defray Companies' Legal Costs
July 31 - COMMERCE: Panel Moves Dairy Compact Authorization
July 31 - Labor-HHS Bill Pays the Price In Hastert's Pre-Recess Drive
July 31 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Senate Poised to Prohibit Misuse Of Brand Names in Web Addresses; Separate Trademark Bill Clears
July 31 - Senate Panel May Be on Verge Of Marking Up Sanctions Bill
July 31 - Showdown Imminent Over FAA
July 31 - Small-Business Loan Programs Get Boost in House Measure
July 31 - TECHNOLOGY: 'Electronic Signature,' On-Line Database Bills Move
July 31 - TRADE: China's Human Rights Record Dominates Debate as House Votes To Keep Trade Doors Open
August 7 - 'Date Rape' Drug Penalties Gain House Committee Approval
August 7 - Bill Promises Protections For Federal Subcontractors
August 7 - COMMERCE: Curb on Sale Of Alcohol On-Line Passes
August 7 - COMMERCE: House Passes Bills To Aid Small Business
August 7 - Committees Delay Action on Bill Punishing Russia for Aiding Iran
August 7 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: The Driving Force Of Bud Shuster
August 7 - Electric Utility Deregulation Won'T See Action Before Fall
August 7 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: 'Silk Road' Aid Measure Passes House
August 7 - House Panel Approves Screens To Save Salmon In Northwest
August 7 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Theft Of Intellectual Property
August 7 - House Passes Tougher Penalties For Theft Of Intellectual Property
August 7 - House Votes To Postpone Ergonomics Rules
August 7 - Methamphetamine Crackdown Approved By Senate Judiciary
August 7 - Oil, Steel Loan Guarantees Cleared
August 7 - Panel Approves Class-Action Bill That Would Benefit Defendants
August 7 - Senate Clears Limits On Access To Chemical Spill Scenarios
August 7 - Senate Panel Holds Hearings On Two Ex-Im Bank Nominees
August 7 - Senate Passes Bill To Clarify Rules On Sweepstakes Mailings
August 7 - Senate Votes to Halt Food Sanctions
August 7 - Shuster's Use of Budgetary 'Firewalls' Takes Other Chairmen by Surprise
August 7 - TRADE: House Refuses To Reverse Clinton's Decision To Allow Trade Credits for Vietnam
August 7 - TRANSPORTATION: Airport Improvement Funds Stall As Shuster, McCain Square Off
August 7 - TRANSPORTATION: House Proposal Would Create A Motor Carrier Administration Emphasizing Trucking Safety
August 14 - 'Cash Balance' Controversy
August 14 - Are Businesses About To Leapfrog Internet Access Legislation?
August 14 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: Pension Rewrite Handcuffed To Dead-End Tax Cut Bill
September 4 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Farm-State Democrats' Visit To Cuba Highlights Debate Over Whether to Ease Embargo
September 4 - TECHNOLOGY: Chart: Internet Bills Multiply
September 4 - TECHNOLOGY: Regulating the Internet: Congress Asserts Domain
September 11 - APPROPRIATIONS: Senators Maneuver for Showdown On Fuel Efficiency Standards In Transportation Bill
September 11 - BANKING & FINANCE: Minimum Wage Backers Target Bankruptcy Bill
September 11 - Democrats Demand Full Debate, Blocking Lott's Move on FAA Bill
September 18 - APPROPRIATIONS: Air Passenger, Auto Fuel Provisions Are Rejected as Senate Passes $49.5 Billion Transportation Bill
September 18 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Capitol Hill Is Unimpressed With Patchwork Policy in Asia
September 18 - House Passes Authorization For Air Traffic Control Programs
September 18 - TECH FAILURE: One Loss for Silicon Valley As Visa Bill Shelved
September 25 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: GOP Hopes Minimum Wage Bill With Tax Benefits Will Lure Votes And Disarm Democrats
September 25 - Senate Votes To Release Airport Construction Funds
September 25 - TRADE: 'Dual Use' Reauthorization Proposes Much Shorter List Of Export-Controlled Items
September 25 - TRANSPORTATION: Congress Pressured to Meet Trucker Fatigue Issue Head-On
October 2 - APPROPRIATIONS: Transportation Measure Adopted Despite Objections From Shuster Over Use of Aviation Trust Fund
October 2 - Business and Society Notes
October 2 - COMMUNICATIONS: Disputes Persist On Satellite TV Legislation
October 2 - LAPTOP MAN EMERGES: Senate's Enzi Scores With Export Measure
October 2 - POLITICS AND PROTESTS: The World Descends on Seattle
October 2 - Sweepstakes Rules Measure Approved by House Panel
October 2 - TRADE: Approach of World Conference Re-Energizes Free-Trade Debate
October 2 - TRANSPORTATION: Bill Would Free Road Projects From Court-Ordered Delays, Allow More Spending on Rail
October 2 - Where the Trade Bills Are
October 9 - A Legislative Emergency?
October 9 - Bill Orders Safety Board To Aid Train Wreck Victims' Families
October 9 - Chart: Transportation Spending Highlights
October 9 - Correction: Export Controls
October 9 - Final Transportation Spending Bill Gives Clinton More Money But Limits Options for Spending It
October 9 - House Votes To Extend Deal To Share Aerospace Insurance
October 9 - REGULATION: House Panel Resumes Work On Electricity Deregulation Despite Calls To Slow Down
October 9 - SOCIAL POLICY: House Drops Reauthorization Of Older Americans Act After Jobs Program Outcry
October 9 - TRANSPORTATION: Senate Passes FAA Bill, Setting Up Tough Conference Over Treatment of Trust Fund
October 16 - Business and Society Notes
October 16 - LABOR: Minimum Wage Bill's Prospects Uncertain as Opinions Form Over Timetable, Tax Provisions
October 16 - TRANSPORTATION: House Passes Bill To Create Separate Agency for Oversight Of Truck and Bus Safety
October 23 - BANKING: Financial Services Bill In the Final Stretch
October 23 - Financial Services Accord
October 23 - LABOR & EMPLOYMENT: House Stymied On Minimum Wage Increase
October 23 - Trade Bills Poised To Move in Senate
October 23 - TRANSPORTATION: Conferees Hope To 'Unlock' Aviation Trust Fund Money To Meet Long-Term Needs
October 30 - Domenici Seeks To End Aviation Impasse
October 30 - Federated Makes Deadline
October 30 - House Bill Attacks Deception In Sweepstakes Mailings
October 30 - House Votes To Oppose Tariffs On International On-Line Sales
October 30 - REGULATION: House Subcommittee Moves Electricity Deregulation Bill With Big Issues Unresolved
October 30 - TRADE: Third-World Trade Bill's Prospects Intertwine With Minimum Wage And Bankruptcy Measures
November 6 - Conferees Near Deal on Health Aid to Disabled Workers
November 6 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Panel Works On Two-Part Liability Bill
November 6 - LABOR: Senate To Vote On Raising Minimum Wage
November 6 - PROTECTIONS PREVAIL: Free-Traders Leave This Stone Unturned
November 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Satellite TV Bill Nears Final Votes
November 6 - TO THE RESCUE: On Task for On-Line Bingo
November 6 - TRADE: Full Calendar, Members' Objections Leave Little Room for Action On Export Act Reauthorization
November 6 - TRADE: Senate Passes Trade-Expansion Bill, Giving Administration a Boost For Upcoming WTO Meeting
November 6 - TRANSPORTATION: Opportunity May Be Fading For Air Travel Improvements
November 13 - Bill Calling for Privatization of Satellite Markets Passes House
November 13 - Bill To Halt Human Trafficking Moves
November 13 - INDUSTRY & REGULATION: Microsoft Antitrust Case Has Hill Weighing Its Role In High-Tech Regulation
November 13 - LABOR: Minimum Wage Bill Stalls Over Issue of Business Offsets
November 13 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: House Passes Bill To Allow E-Signatures
November 13 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Loan Guarantees May Be Dropped From Satellite TV Measure To Overcome Gramm's Objections
November 13 - TRANSPORTATION: Conferees Throw in the Towel On Long-Term FAA Funding
November 20 - Disability Bill Highlights
November 20 - end-of-session grounding: Shuster's Big Feet
November 20 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: Clinton Will Have To Fight For Democratic Backing in Votes On China Trade Deal, Members Say
November 20 - SOCIAL POLICY: Disability Bill's Advocates Rewrite the Book on Lobbying
November 20 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senate's Plan To Consider Rural Broadcasting Next Year Clears Way for Satellite TV Bill
November 20 - TRANSPORTATION: House Balks On Stopgap FAA Funding
November 20 - TRANSPORTATION: Truck Safety Bill Rewrite Is Cleared
November 20 - Truth-in-Sweepstakes Bill Ready for Clinton's Signature
November 27 - LABOR: Proposed Ergonomics Rules Rub GOP the Wrong Way
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Appropriations - Transportation
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Commerce - Steel and Oil Subsidies
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Employment and Labor - Minimum Wage
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Foreign Affairs - Iran and Russia Sanctions
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Technology and Communications - Satellite Television
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Caribbean Trade
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - China Trade
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Export Administration Act
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Sanctions
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Silk Road Trade
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Steel Imports
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Trade - Sub-Saharan Africa Trade
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Transportation - Truck Safety
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Transportation and Infrastructure - FAA Reauthorization
November 27 - Looking Over the Ministers' Shoulders
November 27 - TRADE: U.S., Trading Partners At Crossroads in Seattle
November 27 - TRADE: WTO, After 5 Years, Still Getting Its Balance
November 27 - TRADING ON A NAME: The Clinton-Seattle-Millennium Round?
November 27 - When Congress Weighs In
November 27 - World Trade Organization Calendar of Events
November 27 - WTO's Hottest Topics, From Farming to E-Commerce
December 4 - GOP Attacks Clinton's Plan To Tap Unemployment Funds
December 4 - POST-WTO STRATEGY: Coalition Looks to Next Year's Trade Votes
December 4 - TRADE: The Street Politics of Trade
December 4 - TRADE: WTO's Changes Too Slow For Troubled U.S. Farmers
December 11 - Correction: WTO's Hottest Topics
December 11 - Critics Say AT and T's 'Open Access' Would Still Shut Out Competitors
December 11 - Made in Seattle: New Coalitions To Watch
December 11 - TEAR GAS ROUND TWO: Will Labor-Green Alliance Succeed in 2000?
December 11 - TRADE: Trade Winds From Seattle Will Soon Sweep Capitol Hill
December 31 - BABY BELLWETHER: High-Speed Internet Access Debate To Accelerate
December 31 - MANAGED CARE: Business Prepares To Swallow a Bitter Pill

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