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January 4 - Compromises Tempered Key 1985 Decisions
January 4 - Foes Vow to Continue to Fight: Conrail Sale Set to Resurface Early in Senate's Next Session
January 18 - Morgan Stanley Raises Conrail Bid
January 18 - The Program: Emphasis on Compensation, Not Retraining
January 18 - Trade Relief Program Target of Revival Effort
January 25 - But Continued Opposition Pledged: Critics of Conrail Sale Agree To Allow Debate to Proceed
January 25 - Congress Wrestling With Unfamiliar Issues: Liability Insurance Squeeze Spurs Pleas to Hill for Relief
January 25 - Decision Could Spur Congress to Act: Court Rules Fed Lacks Power To Regulate 'Non-Bank Banks'
January 25 - Insurance-Related Legislation: A Roundup
January 25 - Insurance: Exempt From Federal Regulation
February 1 - Deregulation: Opening One-Way Floodgates
February 1 - Norfolk Southern Foes Defeated: Senate Prepares for Final Vote On Bill to Allow Conrail Sale
February 1 - Remedies: What the Bills Would Do
February 1 - Telecommunications: Looking to Hill for Help
February 1 - Trade Deficit Soars to Record Heights
February 8 - Senate OKs Conrail Sale to Norfolk Southern
February 15 - Consumer Product Safety Bill Advances
February 22 - Coming to Grips With the Volatile Dollar
February 22 - In the Complex Arena of World Finance Capitol Hill Players Are Few in Number
February 22 - No Exemption for Riverboat: Reagan Vetoes Bill Making Changes in Coast Guard Laws
February 22 - The Cost of Foreign Money (chart)
March 1 - Mid-March Deadline Set: O'Neill Pushes Anti-Terrorism Initiative
March 1 - Non-Bank Bank Loophole Unplugged: Heavily Lobbied Banking Bills Remain Stalled in Rules Panel
March 8 - Garn-St Germain Deadlock Continues: Prospects Dim for Legislation To Aid Ailing Thrift Industry
March 8 - In Capitol Marketplace: Trade Expansion Bills
March 8 - Trade Tug of War: A Tale of Two Committees
March 15 - House Raises Disaster Highway Aid
March 15 - Panel Backs Trade 'War Chest,' Ex-Im Bank Bill
March 22 - Filibuster Launched Against Airport Bill
March 22 - Trade Law Enforcement Expanded
March 29 - Committee OKs Bill to Ease Insurance Crunch
March 29 - Senate Ends Filibuster on Airport Transfer Bill
March 29 - Trade Deficit Drops in February
April 5 - Administration to Curb Some Duty-Free Privileges
April 5 - Reagan Administration Remains Wary: Some Urge Linkage of Trade, New Aid to Debtor Nations
April 5 - Reagan Backs Changes to Cut Liability Costs
April 5 - SBA Regional Administrators Sacked
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Commerce and Merchant Marine
April 5 - SPECIAL REPORT: RECONCILIATION Tobacco Price Supports
April 11 - Budget Impact Statements
April 12 - Administration Sets Sights on Product Pirates
April 12 - Canadian Free-Trade Pact Criticized
April 12 - Coast Guard, Maritime Authorizations Approved
April 12 - Panel Approves Bill Aimed at Debtor Nations
April 12 - Senate Modifies, OKs Airport Transfer Bill
April 12 - Squaring Off Over the Trade Bill
April 12 - Ways and Means Backs Telecommunications Bill
April 19 - 'Reopening the Ledger' on World Labor Rules
April 19 - Connecting Trade Policy to Foreign Labor Rules
April 19 - Credit Card Legislation Blocked
April 26 - Approval by Divided House Subcommittee: Omnibus Trade Bill Portends Showdown With White House
April 26 - Focus Changes on Product Liability Insurance
April 26 - Larger Issues Almost Derail Canada Trade Talks
April 26 - To a Chamber of Commerce Forum: Text of Reagan's Remarks On Trade and Foreign Policy -- April 23
May 3 - Administration Proposal Threatened: Dingell Opposes Plan to Sell Conrail to Norfolk Southern
May 3 - Administration Proposes Changes in Liability Law
May 3 - From Other Panels, More Proposals
May 3 - House Panel Completes Work on Trade Bill
May 3 - Lawmakers Salt the Omnibus Trade Bill With Tariff Treats for Their Constituents
May 10 - Comfortable Margin on Third Try: House Approves $1.7 Billion Supplemental Spending Bill
May 10 - Dole Proposes Raising Conrail Bid
May 10 - House Approves Coast Guard Authorization
May 10 - Major Provisions of House-Passed Supplemental
May 17 - 'Essential' or 'Political' Measure? Catchall Trade Bill Continuing Partisan Odyssey in the House
May 17 - 'States' Rights' Threatens Bank-Bailout Plan
May 17 - Proposal Affects 17 Western States: Deregulation Bill Would Allow Bigger Trucks on Interstates
May 24 - Making of the Omnibus Bill
May 24 - Over Reagan's Protest, House Votes Trade Bill
May 24 - Senate Votes Early Start for Daylight Saving
May 31 - Product Liability Proposals Compared
May 31 - Senate Panel to Tackle Three Insurance Plans
June 7 - Budget Crunch May Sink Plan: Merchant Marine Panel OKs Navy Build-Charter Proposal
June 7 - Product Liability Markup Set June 12: Senate Commerce Members Near Insurance Compromise
June 14 - Major Provisions of Senate-Passed Supplemental
June 14 - Senate Panel Votes to Limit Joint Liability
June 14 - Supplemental Conferees Fail to Reach Pact
June 21 - Floor Changes Possible for 'Risk' Bill
June 21 - Highway Reauthorization
June 21 - Maritime Authorization
June 21 - Panel Rejects Reagan-Backed Liability Revision
June 21 - Subcommittee OKs Funds for Commerce, State, Judiciary
June 21 - Veto Possible for Supplemental Spending Bill
June 28 - 1987 Transportation Funding Approved
June 28 - Antitrust Remedy Bill Tagged 'Unfavorable'
June 28 - Daylight-Saving Expanded in Spring
June 28 - Expedited Settlement Proposal
June 28 - No Funds for Civil Rights Commission
June 28 - Panel Rejects Major Road, Transit Changes
June 28 - Sharply Split Panel OKs Product Liability Bill
June 28 - Supplemental Funding Bill Sent to President
July 5 - Highlights of HR4515 (cleared by Congress June 27) (chart)
July 5 - Trade Politics: The Focus Shifts to the Senate
July 19 - Bill Likely to Displease President: House Committee Approves Transportation Funding Boost
July 19 - Despite a Very Old House Prohibition
July 19 - Other Communist Countries Also Hit: House, Acting on Ex-Im Bank, Votes to Ban Loans to Angola
July 19 - Phases Out Civil Rights Commission: House Passes Spending Bill For Commerce, Justice, State
July 19 - Senate Approves Risk-Retention Insurance Act
July 19 - SPECIAL REPORT -- AGRICULTURAL TRADE Farm Bill Fails to Raise Exports: White House, Congress Brace For An Election-Year Reaction
July 19 - SPECIAL REPORT -- AGRICULTURAL TRADE Other Countries Competing: Once a Bright Spot for U.S., Farm Exports Are Declining
July 19 - Strong Differences Arising: Chambers Go Separate Ways On Omnibus Highway Bill
July 26 - A Bonus for Soviet Grain Purchases
July 26 - Floor, Conference Battles Likely: Senate Environment Approves Highway Reauthorization Bill
July 26 - House, Senate Panels Start Implementing Budget
July 26 - Trade Woes Color Senate Action on Ex-Im Bank
August 2 - House Prepares for Showdown Over Limits on Textile Imports
August 2 - Most Reagan Proposals Rejected: House Votes $10.3 Billion for Transportation
August 2 - Taking Aim at Romania's Privileges
August 9 - Banking Committee Rebuffs Foreign Affairs: Ex-Im Bank Bill: Turf War Over 'War Chest'
August 9 - Conrail/NASA Fund Switch Delayed
August 9 - President Victorious on Textile Trade Curbs
August 9 - Speed Limit Hike Rejected: House Takes Up Highway Bill, Votes to Restrict Billboards
August 9 - Transportation Funding Bill Draws Veto Threat
August 16 - Commerce, Justice, State Spending Approved, Civil Rights Group Would Be Part Time
August 16 - House Passes Highway Reauthorization
August 16 - Local Control of Washington Airports Approved
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Banking/Commerce
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Trade
August 23 - CONGRESS AT MIDYEAR: Transportation
August 23 - Dingell Protests Canadian Trade Program
August 23 - House Group Joins Debate on Telephone Bill
August 23 - Senate Acts to Close Discrimination Loophole
August 30 - Shippers, Labor Push Own Concerns: Railroad Deregulation Issues May Ensnarl New Conrail Bill
August 30 - Staff Fills in for Members: 'Shadow Conference' Meets On Ex-Im Bank Authorization
September 13 - Action This Year Doubtful: Non-Bank Bank Controversy Blocks Key Industry Legislation
September 13 - Cap on Credit Card Interest Defeated
September 13 - Merchandise Runs From Socks to Stocks, And It's All for Sale at Nearest Non-Bank
September 13 - Senators Pressing for Action: Reagan Stance, Time Crunch Pose Hurdles to the Trade Bill
September 13 - White House, Dole Pushing for Action: Senate Panel Queasy About Telephone Oversight Measure
September 20 - Business' Confusion Cited: Senate Panel Votes to Ease Law Against Foreign Bribes
September 20 - Committee Vote on Amendment
September 20 - Division on Labor Protection
September 20 - Enactment Before Adjournment in Doubt: Senate Panel Begins Work on Trade Measure
September 20 - House Panel Approves Public Sale for Conrail
September 20 - House Votes to Aid Airline Workers
September 20 - Panel Approves Bill Easing Self-Insurance
September 20 - Transportation Appropriations
September 27 - Backers Win Procedural Vote: Senate Product Liability Bill Killed After Filibuster Attempt
September 27 - Battle of the Billboards Waged on the Hill
September 27 - Ex-Im Bank Measure Moves as Deadline Nears
September 27 - Highway Conferees Face Sharp Split on Issues: 55 mph Speed Limit A Major Difference
September 27 - House OKs 'Risk-Retention' Act
September 27 - Tied to Bailout Bills: Panel Links Banking, Housing In Effort to Win Quick Passage
September 27 - Trade Bill Prospects Dim in Senate
October 4 - Bills Differ on Drunk Driving Standard: Members Call for National Trucker's License
October 4 - Congress Misses Charter Deadline: Reauthorization of Ex-Im Bank Moves After Last-Minute Snafu
October 4 - Highway Conference Progresses
October 4 - Settlement Prospects Uncertain: Conrail-Sale Conferees Stall Over House Labor Protection
October 11 - $10 Million Research Project: Connecticut Institute Cited In Veto of SBA Pilot Programs
October 11 - Airport Plan Hits Major Block
October 11 - Automobile Imports
October 11 - Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Cleared
October 11 - House Clears Insurance Risk-Retention Bill
October 11 - Negotiators Agree On $2 Billion Sale, Conferees Drop Labor Plan From Conrail Pact
October 11 - New Senate Offer Made: Speed Limit, Special Projects Separate Highway Conferees
October 11 - Odometer Tampering
October 11 - Passenger Ships
October 11 - Senate Clears Pipeline Safety Bill
October 18 - Agreement Set on Airport Transfer
October 18 - House Acts on Export Administration Renewal
October 18 - Maritime Authorization Clears
October 18 - Mass Transit, Road Funding: Highway Conferees Continue To Struggle Over Key Issues
October 18 - Small-Business Pilot Programs Cleared
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Commerce
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Trade
October 25 - The 99th Congress Legislative Summary: Transportation
November 1 - Exceeds Request by Nearly 50 Percent: Transportation Funding Set at $10.38 Billion
November 1 - Federal Highway Funding (chart)
November 1 - Fiscal 1987 Transportation Funds (chart)
November 1 - Funding Breakdown for Commerce/Justice/State (chart)
November 1 - Hill Highway Impasse Threatens States' Plans
November 1 - Includes Funds to Fight Drug Abuse: Commerce, Justice, State Get $12.9 Billion
November 1 - Maritime Loan Guarantees Draw Reagan Veto
November 1 - Reagan's Message on Pocket Veto
November 8 - Safety Board Authorization Vetoed
November 8 - Senate Commerce Committee: A Shift in Style and Priorities Likely
November 8 - Senate Small Business Committee: Leaders to Continue Bipartisan Tenor
November 15 - Committees May Change Emphasis: LaFalce, Bumpers to Head Small Business Panels
November 15 - Perspective -- Squaring Off Over Trade: Fears, Ironies
November 15 - Texts of President Reagan's Messages Accompanying Three Pocket Vetoes
November 22 - Anti-Takeover Bills Pushed: Legislators React Cautiously To Wall Street Stock Scandal
November 22 - Beyond the Trade Hoopla, Looking for Options
November 22 - Seeking to Boost U.S. Competitiveness By Shoring Up Technology, Education
November 29 - U.S. Trade Deficit Declines in October
December 6 - Airport Bill Veto Clause Under Fire
December 6 - Outlines Banking Agenda: Proxmire Backs FSLIC Bailout; Links It to Omnibus Measure
December 13 - Committee Probes Seamy Side of Wall Street
December 13 - If Companies Fail, Who Pays Off Claims?
December 13 - Increased Federal Role Possible: Two-Pronged Attack Planned On Liability Insurance Crunch
December 13 - Lautenberg Heads Funding Subcommittee
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook COMMERCE
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook TRADE
December 20 - Special Report: Legislative Outlook TRANSPORTATION
December 27 - Abdnor to Head Small Business Administration

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