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 Technology and Communications

January 8 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: GAO Cites FAA Security Breaches
January 15 - : Mixed Reaction To Security Plan
January 15 - BUDGET: Administration Ends Ban On Export of Encryption Devices
January 15 - COMMERCE: Debate Over Internet Regulation Rekindled by AOL Mega-Merger
January 15 - TAXES: New Technology May Enable States To Reap 'Remote' Sales Taxes
January 15 - TAXES: States' Internet Tax Strategy: Buy Time From Congress
January 22 - : Governing the Internet
January 22 - : House Commerce Committee Chairman Thomas J. Bliley Jr., R-Va.
January 22 - CYBER-TURF WARS: Banking Panels Want Their Stamp on E-Signatures Bill
February 5 - FOREIGN AFFAIRS: More Money, Better Oversight Urged to Thwart Terrorism
February 5 - HEALTH: Senators Question Adequacy Of FDA, NIH Protections For Genetic Therapy Patients
February 5 - NOTEWORTHY: Deal Reached On Vieques
February 5 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Satellite, Cable Providers Scrap Over Federal-Backed Loans To Expand Rural TV Choices
February 12 - BUDGET: President Would Add $2.9 Billion For Science, Technology Research
February 12 - INTERNET POLICY: Seeking a Meeting of the Minds on E-Taxes
February 19 - : EPA Protecting Its Web Site
February 19 - DEFENSE: Security Boast At Energy 'Nonsense'
February 19 - SCIENCE: Senate Argues Promise and Peril Of Human Stem Cell Research
February 26 - : Senators Introduce Anti-Hacking Bill
February 26 - : Subcommittee Treads Lightly In Quizzing Corps of Engineers
February 26 - COMMERCE: Hearings on Online Trading Put Industry, SEC on Notice To Curb Alleged Abuses
February 26 - TECHNOLOGY: Conference Set On Satellite Privatization
February 26 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Senators Unveil Satellite TV Subsidy Bill
March 4 - : Satellite Privatization Measure Is Passed by Senate
March 4 - COMMERCE: Governors Tell Senate Ban on Internet Taxes Is the Wrong Way to Go
March 4 - INDUSTRY REGULATION: AOL-Time Warner Pledge To Open Up Cable Systems Leaves Senators With Doubts
March 4 - LABOR EMPLOYMENT: High-Tech Visa Debate Shifts to House
March 4 - TECHNOLOGY: Lawmakers, Industry Debate How to Tackle 'Cybercrime' Without Jeopardizing Privacy
March 11 - : House Clears Bill to Privatize Communications Satellite Market
March 11 - TECHNOLOGY: Rural Television Access Bill With Loan Enhancements Wins Senate Panel's Approval
March 11 - TRADE: 'Dual Use' Export Rewrite Quickly Stalls in Senate As Committees Squabble
March 18 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Audits Give Panel Doubts About USDA's Ability to Manage Rural TV Subsidy Program
March 25 - E-Mail Bill Would Penalize Spammers
March 25 - Industry Wants '99 Law Changed
March 25 - Internet Privacy Issue Beginning to Click
March 25 - Rural TV Loan Guarantees Emerge From House Markup Resembling Senate Bill
March 25 - The Internet, Tax-Free
April 1 - Burton Seeks Special Counsel For E-Mail Case
April 1 - Gephardt Not to Be Outdone By GOP in Pitch to Tech Industry
April 1 - Hill to Scrutinize Mars Failures
April 1 - New Corporate Incentives Bills Compete With Regulatory Relief As a Way to Spur Internet Access
April 1 - Rural TV Improvement Bills Advance
April 8 - Campaign Aid Gives Gates Windows Seat on Congress
April 8 - E-Signature Bill Readied For Conferees
April 8 - GOP Deplores Microsoft Ruling, Urges Gates to Support Party
April 8 - McCain Seeks Longer Hiatus For Web Taxes
April 8 - Origin of the Sherman Act
April 15 - House Passes Compromise Rural TV Bill
April 15 - House Seeks to Limit FCC Plans For Low-Power Radio Stations
April 15 - Panel Troubled by NASA Management
April 15 - To Assist Computer Exports, House Bill Seeks to Bypass Broader 'Dual Use' Measure
April 22 - Free-Speech Concerns Complicate Hill Debate On Attacking Junk E-Mail
May 6 - Panel Moves Moratorium on Internet Taxes
May 20 - GOP Moves Closer to Its Vision Of a Laissez-Faire Tech Economy In Votes on Phone, Internet Levies
May 27 - Bliley Makes Deal With Democrats On E-Signature Bill, but Gramm And Industry Say He Went Too Far
May 27 - High Court Says Some Curbs On Adult Cable TV Channels Violate the First Amendment
June 3 - Gates Hoping for Hill Help
June 10 - Antitrust Ruling on Microsoft Appears Unlikely to Prompt Legislative Changes This Year
June 10 - Fear of Excess Regulation Delays Cyber-Security Bill
June 10 - Progress on 'E-Signatures,' Internet Tax Ban Slows Despite Industry Pressure
June 17 - Deputy Commerce Secretary On Short List to Succeed Daley
June 17 - FCC Says Rural Internet Access Bill Could Hinder Digital TV
June 17 - House Panel Approves Penalties For Violating Junk E-Mail Bans
June 17 - Senate Clears E-Signature Bill As Gramm Gives In On Consumer Protections
June 17 - Senate Panel Approves Bill That Would Fully Repeal Phone Excise Tax This Year
July 1 - Bill to Restrict FCC's Oversight Of Mergers Advances in House
July 22 - Clinton's Cyber-Proposal Won't Have Legs
July 22 - High-Speed Internet Access Bill Appears Stalled Until Next Year By Regulatory and Business Concerns
July 22 - McCain Trying to Protect Internet Turf
August 12 - Pressure Grows for Legislation To Protect Social Security Numbers
September 16 - Computer Security Given Low Marks
September 16 - House Passes $42.4 Billion NASA Bill Including Curb on Space Station's Cost; Agency's First Reauthorization Since '92
September 23 - Bill Would End 'Reciprocal Compensation'
September 23 - No Ethics Violations Found in Brown Probe
September 23 - Technology Research Bill Passed by Senate
September 30 - Bill Would Stop Telemarketers From Blocking Caller ID
October 7 - Internet Privacy Protection Bill Appears Dead for the Year
October 7 - Substitute Electronic Crime Bill Adopted by Senate Judiciary
October 7 - Tax Proposals Could Hitch Ride On Year-End Spending Bill
October 7 - The Likeliest Survivors
October 14 - Information Technology's Anxious Side
October 14 - NASA Reauthorization Cleared by Senate
October 21 - House Clears Bill to Extend Shared Risk for Space Launches
October 28 - McCain Seeks Deal With White House On Blocking Children's Access To Internet Pornography
October 28 - Rural TV Improvement Measure, Low-Power FM Radio Restrictions Hitch Ride on CJS Spending Bill
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Electronic Signatures
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Internet Gambling
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Internet Privacy
December 16 - 2000 Legislative Summary: Rural TV

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