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January 20 - Flat Tax Takes Center Stage In GOP Political Debates
January 20 - TAXES: Commission Members
January 20 - TAXES: Kemp's Recommendations
January 27 - SECTION NOTES: Bradley Wants Voluntary Tax To Fund Senate Contests
February 3 - Key Differences (chart)
February 3 - Partisan Obstacles Lie in Path Of Major Tax Cut Package
March 2 - SECTION NOTES: Panel Approves Tax Break For Troops in Bosnia
March 9 - SECTION NOTES: Senate OKs Tax Breaks For Bosnia Service
March 9 - TAXES: Panel Gives Signal On Overhaul Plan
March 23 - Clinton's 'Brownfields' Tax Break
March 23 - GOP Derides Clinton Tax Plan Despite Areas of Similarity
March 23 - TAXES: Far From the Budget Spotlight, Overhaul Hearings Begin
April 13 - 'Supermajority' Requirement For Tax Increase Criticized
April 13 - TAXES: Scholars See Overuse of Amendments
April 20 - SECTION NOTES: House Gives Taxpayers a Boost In Disputes With IRS
April 20 - Tax Amendment Proponents Face Uphill Fight in Senate
April 20 - TAXES: Confusion Over Supermajority
May 4 - Dole Seizes Gas Tax Repeal To Rally GOP Offense
May 4 - TAXES: The High-Octane Battle of '93
May 11 - GOP Goes for a Gas Tax Repeal
May 11 - PRESIDENTIAL NEWS CONFERENCE: Clinton Says 'Clean' Bills Will Break Logjam
May 18 - Bipartisan Tax Cut Plan May Break Stalemate
May 18 - TAXES: Highlights of the Tax Package To Benefit Small Businesses
May 18 - TAXES: Talks on Gas Tax To Resume As Offset Question Remains
May 25 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Dole's Call for Gas Tax Repeal Fails To Spark Voters
May 25 - TAXES: Business Tax-Break Package To Slow Down in Senate
May 25 - TAXES: Congress' Offset Bind
June 1 - Dole's Tax Policy: In the Works
June 8 - THE BUDGET: A Menu of Tax Cuts
June 15 - TAXES: Highlights of Business-Tax Bill
June 15 - TAXES: Prospects Dim for Senate Wage Bill
June 15 - TAXES: Tax Cut Bill Awaits Floor Fight After Smooth Start in Senate
June 29 - LABOR: Fate of Tax Bill Remains Unclear
July 6 - Tax Bill Would Have Big Impact On U.S. Businesses Overseas
July 6 - TAXES: Business Tax Provisions
July 13 - LABOR: Tax Provision Differences
July 20 - Tax Cuts Take a Back Seat In Hill's Wrap-Up Agenda
July 27 - Dole's Economic Agenda A Difficult Sell
August 3 - LABOR: Congress Clears Wage Increase With Tax Breaks for Business
August 3 - LABOR: Tax Highlights of Conference Report On Minimum Wage Bill
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights II' Signed Into Law
August 3 - SECTION NOTES: Amendment Would Bar Retroactive Taxes
August 10 - Dole 'Bets the Country' On Tax Cut Package
August 10 - Dole and Taxes
August 10 - Highlights of Dole's Package Of Tax and Spending Cuts
August 24 - CORRECTION: Dole and Taxes.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/ECONOMICS and FINANCE - Issue: Budget reconciliation-related tax cuts.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/ECONOMICS and FINANCE - Issue: Business tax cuts.
August 31 - SPECIAL REPORT/ECONOMICS and FINANCE - Issue: Taxpayer Bill of Rights.
September 7 - APPROPRIATIONS: GOP Abandons Tax Cut Effort
September 21 - PROVISIONS: Tax Cut, Minimum Wage Law
October 5 - SPECIAL REPORT - PRESIDENTIAL ISSUES: Focus Is on Tax Reductions and Overhaul
November 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Budget- reconciliation-related tax cuts
November 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Business tax cuts
November 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Taxpayer Bill of Rights

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