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January 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Tax-Cutters Beware: Voters Are Wary
February 4 - Tax Cuts, 10 Years Down the Road
February 11 - Exit Fee for the Wealthy
February 11 - FUNCTION BY FUNCTION: Revenues
February 11 - Receipts by Source (chart)
February 18 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Tax Code Will Be Shaped By a Test of Wills
February 18 - TAXES: GOP's Plan To Retain Tax Break Inflames Racial Tensions
February 25 - Nunn's the Word
February 25 - REPUBLICAN CONTRACT: Family/Tax Relief
February 25 - REPUBLICAN CONTRACT: Middle-Class Tax Cut
February 25 - TAXES: House Passes Racially Charged Bill For Self-Insurance Tax Break
March 11 - $189 Billion in Tax Relief
March 11 - GOP Girds for Fresh Battles Over Tax Cuts
March 11 - WHAT'S AHEAD: GOP's Tax Proposals Take Center Stage
March 18 - TAXES: Tax Cuts Cruise to House Floor, But Face Dissent Within GOP
March 18 - Who Will Get $500 Per Child Tax Credit? (chart)
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: House Ways and Means
March 25 - 1995 SPECIAL COMMITTEES REPORT: Joint Committee on Taxation
March 25 - Contract with America: Term Limits, Tax Cuts Up Next
March 25 - Section Notes: Three Senators Offer Bills To Tax Tobacco Industry
March 25 - Tax Cut Legislation: Republicans' Letter Requests Lower Cap for Child Credit
March 25 - Taxes: 'The Crowning Jewel'
March 25 - Taxes: Health Tax Break Passes Senate
March 25 - Taxes: Unity Frays Within House GOP Over Family Tax Credit
April 1 - $189 Billion in Tax Relief And the Cuts That Would Pay for It
April 1 - Taxes: GOP Leaders Ready To Deal On Troubled Tax-Cuts Bill
April 1 - Taxes: House Passes Extension Of Health Tax Break
April 1 - THE FIRST 100 DAYS: Time and Tax Cuts Will Test GOP Freshman Solidarity
April 1 - What's Ahead: 'Contract' Tax Cuts Nearing a Vote
April 8 - 100 DAYS AND COUNTING: Families and Children
April 8 - 100 DAYS AND COUNTING: Middle-Class Tax Cut
April 8 - Finishing the 'Contract' in Style, House Passes Tax-Cut Bill
April 8 - Senate Clears Tax Break For Health Insurance
April 8 - TAXES: Medicare Is Targeted for Large Cuts In Domenici's Risky Seven-Year Plan
April 8 - TAXES: Wavering Members Feel the Heat
May 13 - WHAT'S AHEAD: Budget To Dominate In Both Chambers
May 20 - THE BUDGET: Taxes, Defense Are Flash Points As Senate Prepares To Vote
May 27 - THE BUDGET: Senate Adopts Blueprint, Settles For Conditional Tax Cut
June 3 - THE BUDGET: Conference's Biggest Task: Bridging Gap on Tax Cuts
June 10 - Tax Cuts Dominate Agenda As Conference Begins
June 10 - THE BUDGET: The Question: Is Ending a Tax Break The Same as Raising Taxes?
June 17 - LOBBYING: Simpson Zeroes In on AARP And Its Tax Exemption
June 17 - TAXES: Ways and Means Approves Bill Closing Expatriate Loophole
June 24 - Last-Minute Maneuvers Forge A Conference Agreement
June 24 - THE BUDGET: Keeping Tax Cuts Conditional
July 15 - TAXES: Democrats Hope Tax-Raising Rule Will Come Back To Haunt GOP
July 15 - TAXES: Taking the Republicans to Court
August 12 - The Income Tax: A Longtime Demon
September 2 - ECONOMICS and FINANCE: Tax Cuts.
September 16 - TAXES: Archer Agrees To End $30 Billion In Corporate Preferences
September 23 - RECONCILIATION: Highlights of the Tax Package
September 23 - RECONCILIATION: Panel OKs Plan To Cut Tax Breaks For Businesses, Working Poor
September 30 - Reagan Launches Revolution Against Taxes, Spending
October 7 - Low-Income Workers' Tax Credit Among GOP Budget Targets
October 7 - RECONCILIATION: Comparing House, Senate Versions Of Republican EITC Proposals
October 7 - RECONCILIATION: EITC Changes Survive
October 7 - RECONCILIATION: Finance Committee Republicans Divided Over Tax Cut Bill
October 14 - CQ ROUNDTABLE: Flat Tax Could Prove Anything but Simple
October 14 - RECONCILIATION: Committee Action Compared
October 14 - RECONCILIATION: Senate Finance OKs Permanent Child Tax Credit
October 21 - Credits, Cuts and Breaks: The Tax Plan From the Senate Finance Committee
October 21 - SECTION NOTES: Bill OK'd To Bar States From Taxing Retirement Funds
October 21 - TAXES: Unified GOP on Senate Finance Approves $245 Billion Tax Cut
November 4 - PENSIONS: Bill Removes Taxes On Ex-Residents
November 4 - TRANSPORTATION: Committee Votes On Gas Tax
November 18 - SPECIAL REPORT - TAXES: Conferees Reach Agreement On $245 Billion in Cuts
November 25 - 'Read My Lips'
December 9 - Highlights of Clinton's Proposal To Balance Budget in Seven Years
December 23 - PENSIONS: Retiree Tax Bill Clears Senate

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