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 Regulatory Policy

January 4 - Bush Environmental 'Streamlining' Ignites Heated Debate Over Land Use
January 11 - New House Resources Committee Chairman: Richard W. Pombo, R-Calif.
January 18 - Even Shedding of Hot-Button Issues Won't Buy Energy Bill Smooth Passage
January 18 - Sticking Points on an Energy Bill
January 25 - Democrats' Environmental Bills May Find Floor Time Elusive In Pro-Business Chambers
January 25 - Principals in Broadband Debate In No Hurry to Rejoin Battle
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: EPA
February 8 - Fiscal 2004 Budget: Other Agencies
February 8 - Senate Panel Applauds Pledge of Bush Nominee Donaldson To Shake Up SEC, Wall Street
February 15 - Fiscal 2003 Omnibus: Commerce, Justice, State
February 15 - Not During Dinner: Sen. Johnson Seeks Telemarketing Hours Restrictions
March 15 - New Electricity Production Standards Dominate Debate on Energy Bill
March 22 - House Energy Bill Reshapes Electricity Regulation
March 22 - House Panel Advances Measure To Ease Hiring Rules at SEC
March 29 - Domenici's Efforts to Build New Energy Bill Could Use a Few Escape Valves
April 5 - Congress Ponders Wisdom of Providing Airlines With Assistance Package
April 5 - Hard-Fought Utility Deals Power Omnibus Energy Bill
April 12 - Flash Points in Energy Bill Versions Threaten Another Fatal Conference
April 12 - Georgia Serves as Template for Airline Industry's Economic Problems
April 12 - Lawmakers Face Airline Dilemma: Bailout Now, Crowded Skies Later
April 19 - Overhaul of Medical Privacy Regulations Sought Days After They Take Effect
May 3 - Senate Braces for Floor Battle Over Omnibus Energy Bill
May 3 - Yet to Be Determined: Political Value Of Spitzer's Victory Over Wall Street
May 17 - Battle Over Washington Airport Dominates Aviation Bill Debate
May 24 - Capitol Takes Cautious Approach To Filtering Lawmakers' E-Mail
May 24 - Hatch May Lose on Risky Move to Push Through Asbestos Legislation
May 24 - House Judiciary Approves Regulation of Sports Agents
May 24 - House Panels' Turf Battle Drops Internet Gambling Bill In Rules Committee's Court
May 24 - House Take on Forest-Thinning Bill Has No Chance, Say Senate Foes
May 24 - Is 'There Oughta Be a Law' a Real Answer to 'Spam'?
May 24 - OMB Nominee Bolten Eyed as a Repairman Of Bush-Appropriator Rift
May 24 - Plan Changes States' Cut of Highway Fund
May 24 - Prohibitions on Mass Mailings
May 24 - Republicans Aim to Stiffen Fraud Law
May 31 - Aviation Bill's Charter Provision Would Improve Rural Access
June 7 - Clean Air: Going the Regulatory Route
June 7 - Gambling Bill: House Decides To Hold 'em
June 7 - Prospects Dim for 'Clear Skies' as Industry Joins List of Foes
June 14 - Hotly Challenged Exemption For State-Regulated Wagering Still in Internet Gambling Bill
June 14 - Medicare Prescription Bill May Take On a Passenger In Capitol Hill Journey
June 14 - Outsourcing of Flight Control, Expanded D.C. Airport Slots Headline FAA Bill Conference
June 14 - Regulation of Health Plans Approved by House Panel
June 14 - Senate Vote on New Reactor Policy Is a Big Win for Nuclear Industry
June 21 - 'Spam' on Senate Floor Menu
June 21 - Surprise Reversal of Ownership Ruling Leaves FCC Chief in Uneasy Position
June 28 - House Bill Calls for Creation of New Regulating Agency for Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae
June 28 - NHTSA Reauthorization Bill Includes Rollover Standards
June 28 - Senate Committee Toughens Media Ownership Restrictions in Second Swipe at FCC
July 12 - Broadcasting Bills Compared
July 12 - Focus on Media Ownership Issue Takes Lawmakers by Surprise
July 12 - House Panel Bill Limits State Securities Regulators
July 19 - Tongass Is Environmental Test
August 2 - Elements of the Tobacco Deal
August 2 - Global Warming Bill Wins a Slot On Senate's Fall Floor Schedule
August 2 - Lawmakers Walk a Tightrope On Economic, Security Issues
August 2 - Laws Passed and Pending Bills
August 2 - Old Becomes New Again As Senate Passes Energy Bill
August 2 - Tobacco Producers Offering Once Unheard-Of Concessions
August 9 - Private Foundations Crying Foul Over Move to Force More Giving
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Media Ownership
August 30 - Fall Agenda: Tobacco Buyout/FDA Regulation of Tobacco
September 6 - Many Approaches to Homeland Security
September 6 - New Laws for a Safer Nation: Much Done, Much to Do
September 13 - Bank-Friendly Credit Reporting Bill Passes House; on Fast Track in Senate
September 13 - Domenici Pushing to Create Energy Bill That Stands a Chance
September 13 - End to Tobacco Subsidy Finalized
September 13 - Senate Will Take Up FCC's Media Ownership Rules
September 20 - Pension Woes Push Lawmakers Into Legislative Trade-Offs
September 20 - Stay Tuned: FCC Deregulation Temporarily Thwarted By Dorgan Amendment, Senate
September 27 - Companies Differ on FDA Guidelines for New Products
September 27 - Financial Privacy Legislation Approved by Senate Committee After Shelby Changes Course
September 27 - Fraudulent Spammers Penalized In Latest Senate Judiciary Bill
September 27 - New Copyright Royalty Regulation Established in Bill
September 27 - Senate Tobacco Alliance May Go Up in Smoke
October 4 - Thicket of Unsettled Issues Delays Energy Conference
October 11 - Bill to Regulate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Sputters After White House Demands Stronger Hand for Treasury
October 11 - Energy Bill Conference Becoming a Powder Keg
October 18 - Highway Signs a Tempting Target In Challenge to Clinton-Era Rule
October 25 - Democrats Blast Chemical Plant Bill
October 25 - Hot Button Energy Issues for Democrats
October 25 - Ominous Forecast Predicted for Greenhouse Emissions Bill in Upcoming Senate Debate
November 1 - Defeat of Senate Global Warming Bill Highlights Worries Over Economic Impact
November 8 - Electricity Deregulation Still a Live Wire for Some
November 8 - Energy Issues and Where They Stand
November 8 - Energy Overhaul: Not Much Difference After a Decade
November 22 - Airlines, Others Find Pension Relief in Bill
November 22 - GOP Squabbling Nearly Derails Year-Ending Omnibus Bill
November 22 - House Passes Flood Claim Reduction Bill
November 22 - Legislation Refracts Larger View On Contact Lens Purchases
November 29 - Bill to Ban Interstate Transport Of Large Cats Advances
November 29 - GOP Fast-Tracks Its Own Agenda; Stalls All That's Left for Democrats
November 29 - Senate Clears Credit Report Blocking Bill
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: 'Clear Skies'
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: 'Do Not Call' Telemarketing List
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Commerce, Justice, State Appropriations
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Energy Policy
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: FCC Media Ownership Rules
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Junk E-Mail Limits
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Prescription Drug Importation
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Tobacco Quota Buyout/FDA Regulation
December 13 - 2003 Legislative Summary: Workplace Rules
December 13 - Senate Tightens State Tax Laws For Certain Tobacco Retailers
December 13 - Wild and Exotic Cats Trafficking Barred in House-Cleared Bill

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