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 Politics and Elections

January 14 - Checks and Balance: Loaded Democratic Overhaul Bill Takes Aim at Public Cynicism
January 14 - Voter Choices on Ballot Proposals, Candidates Often at Odds
January 28 - The State of the Union: Guns
January 28 - The State of the Union: Voting Rights
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Ezra Levin and Leah Greenberg
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Sayu Bhojwani
February 4 - People to Watch in 2019: Sen. Martha McSally
February 11 - Amidst Partisanship, Calls for Unity Ticket in 2020
February 19 - Fudge Takes Elections Committee on Tour
February 19 - Larry Hogan Could Be Trouble for Trump in 2020
February 19 - Secretaries of State in Spotlight With Voting Rights Under Siege
February 19 - The Newest Justice Could Decide How Redistricting Is Done
February 19 - The Road to Washington Is Clogged With Potential Candidates
February 19 - Women are Flexing Their Muscles in State Capitols
February 25 - A Handy Pronunciation Guide For the 2020 Democratic Candidates
February 25 - A New Front in the Voter ID Debate
February 25 - Democrats Search for a Path to Continue the Party's Rise
February 25 - Trump's Biggest Foe in the Senate: Kirsten Gillibrand
March 4 - Checks and Balance: Cleansing Political Cash Might Also Shrink It
March 4 - Federal Election Assistance Commission Plays Catch-up
March 11 - Anatomy of a Vote: Baby Steps Next for Democrats' Overhaul Push
March 11 - Concerns About Money in Politics Empower Individual Donors
March 11 - Open Revolt Against the Electoral College
March 18 - On the Campaign Trail, Climate Change Can No Longer Be Ignored
March 18 - Solutions for Uncivil Times
March 18 - The Phone Poll's Final Days May Be Nigh
April 8 - Dollars and Sense: The Iowa Farmer With His Finger on the 2020 Pulse
April 8 - How to Run for President as a Meme
April 8 - The Place Where Senators Once Announced Their Presidential Bids
April 29 - Checks and Balance: 'No Corporate PAC' Pledges Aren't Always So Pure
April 29 - Taxes and Voter Registration: One Way to Boost the Rolls
April 29 - The GOP's 2020 Strategy: Hope Democrats Implode
April 29 - You've Met the Candidates, Now Meet Their Pets
May 6 - Booker Defeats Trump ... At Least on Twitter
May 6 - Here's Where You Can Vote From Prison
May 6 - States Worry About Too Much Democracy
May 6 - The Bias Facing Women Candidates for President
May 6 - The Death of the Incumbency Advantage
May 13 - Democrats Wrestle With Bashing Wall Street in a Strong Economy
May 13 - Prison Voting Could Cause Headaches for Census
May 20 - Liberals Once Again Target Anti-Abortion Democrat
June 3 - Ballot Initiatives Are Tearing Us Apart
June 3 - Dollars and Sense: Bad Signs Amid Good Times Offer Democrats a 2020 Strategy
June 3 - Female Donors Could Again Shatter Records in 2020 Elections
June 3 - Fight Continues on Ex-Felon Voting in Florida
June 3 - In Pennsylvania, Trump Supporters Praise Him as Democrats Mull Options
June 10 - Some vulnerable Democrats remain loyal to their party on votes
June 10 - While swimsuit supplies last: A look inside Trump's campaign store
June 17 - Trump's performance on trade a mixture of volatility and politics
June 17 - When it Comes to Facebook, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
June 24 - Democrats eye presidential failures for Senate
June 24 - Ho-hum attitudes in odd-year state elections
September 9 - Democrats need rural voters to put Iowa in play in 2020
September 9 - Fall Preview: Election Security
September 9 - Five House members are running on empty in their campaigns
September 9 - Polls pit predictions against preferences and get different results
September 9 - Trump actions on renewable fuels may give Democrats a lift
September 23 - Capitol Insiders Survey: Democratic congressional aides prefer Warren
September 23 - Dollars and Sense: Democrats testing voters' nerves
September 30 - Chocolate Pancakes, Internet Beef, and the other also-rans running for President
September 30 - In the Spotlight: Joseph P. Kennedy III
September 30 - We the People: The wrong way to force access to tax returns
October 7 - Democrats in swing districts gamble by backing impeachment inquiry
October 7 - Here's why Rashida Tlaib stopped selling that impeachment T-shirt
October 21 - Comparing Biden's college plan with his competitors
October 21 - Disinformation spreads, and already infects the 2020 elections
October 21 - Exposing 'deepfakes' is a high-tech challenge
October 21 - Falsehoods on Facebook could prompt changes in law
October 21 - More swing-district Republicans are voting less with their party
October 21 - Warren lags Biden in state legislator endorsements
October 28 - Dollars and Sense: Take Campaign Plans With a Grain of Salt
October 28 - Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory these days
October 28 - Ten freshmen among top 25 fundraisers in House
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Climate
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Disinformation attacks
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Economy and trade
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Immigration
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: Student loans
November 4 - 2020 Election Issues: War and the military
November 4 - An unpopular president tests the Republican brand in California
November 4 - Catching up with the ex-presidents
November 4 - Democrats think campaigning on their stalled good-government bill is a winning strategy
November 4 - For Lucinda Guinn, 2020 is personal
November 4 - Her Job: Help win back the House for Republicans
November 4 - How electors could scramble the 2020 election
November 4 - Impeachment threatens to dominate debate among Democrats
November 4 - In search of the demographic group that will make the difference in 2020
November 4 - Key dates in the 2020 elections
November 4 - Professors for Warren, truck drivers for Sanders
November 4 - Rothenberg: The Most Important Election in American History
November 4 - Seven major issues will be prominent in voters' minds in 2020
November 4 - Ten battleground states with outsized roles in the 2020 elections
November 4 - The 10 most vulnerable House members in 2020
November 4 - The 10 most vulnerable senators in 2020
November 4 - The decline of local journalism is likely increasing polarization
November 4 - The most likely scenarios for the 2020 elections
November 4 - The Trump presidency by the numbers
November 4 - Trump thrives amid turmoil, and is banking that voters won't mind
November 4 - Trump's huge cash advantage might not matter for Democrats
November 4 - Underestimating Trump was a problem for pollsters in 2016. Will 2020 be a repeat?
November 12 - The progressive case against Facebook runs into the First Amendment
November 18 - Checks and Balance: Uncertain times could bring new lobbying strategies
November 18 - Elizabeth Warren's policy plans by the numbers
November 18 - Impeachment hearings spark a campaign advertising onslaught
November 18 - Naughty or nice: Gift ideas from the Trump campaign
November 18 - The ties that grind: Knotty issues for some Democrats
December 9 - Dollars and Sense: Where the real battle for votes lies
December 9 - Sweating it out, literally, on the campaign trail

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