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 Politics and Elections

January 12 - Conservative Republican Wins Largent's Seat In Oklahoma's 1st District
January 12 - Finessing Workers' Worries
January 12 - Rep. Skeen Says He Won't Seek Election to a 12th Term
January 12 - Rep. Watkins Retiring, Complicating Redistricting
January 12 - Resources Panel Chairmanship Race Exposes a House Republican Divide
January 12 - Senate to Give High Priority To Overhauling Voting System
January 12 - The Social Security Faceoff
January 12 - Torricelli Probe Sent to Senate
January 19 - Campaign Finance Bill Finds New Energy in Enron Ruins
January 19 - Editor's Notebook: Dollar for Dollar
January 19 - Elective Office Beckons To Some Familiar Names
January 19 - Parties Face Senate Races As Equals in Vulnerability
January 19 - The Leadership War
January 26 - Campaign Finance Bill Wins Its Day on the House Floor
January 26 - Cast Off by Both Sides in the House, Traficant Now Politically Homeless as Well
January 26 - Court to Hear Utah's Census Case
January 26 - New Maps Give Republicans Gains in Rust Belt, While Democrats Make Headway in the South
February 2 - Gephardt Urges More Protections For Workers and Pensioners, Pushes for Campaign Finance Overhaul
February 2 - Hill Democrats Respond Cautiously To Party Consultants' Plans For Capitalizing on Enron Collapse
February 2 - Lobbying of Black and Hispanic Caucuses Heats Up as Debate Draws Closer On Campaign Finance Overhaul
February 9 - Opponents of Shays-Meehan Bet It All on a Conference
February 9 - Rep. Goode Seeks Nomination By GOP for a Fourth Term
February 16 - Bill to Update Voting Process Likely to Pass
February 16 - Campaign Finance Outcome Now in Daschle's Hands
February 16 - DeLay Heads to Puerto Rico To Raise Money and Talk Taxes
February 16 - Mixed Signals, Hard Feelings
February 16 - Parties Work Overtime to Fill Coffers As Soft Money Edges Toward Extinction
February 16 - Where the House Will Be Won
February 23 - Campaign Finance Finale Puts McConnell on the Spot
February 23 - Democrats See Father As Problem for Pickering
February 23 - Money Migration?
February 23 - Shays-Meehan Watchers Prepare To Target 'Issue Ads' Rules in Court
March 2 - Airtime Provision Stripped
March 2 - Campaign Finance Bill Evokes Opportunity and Trepidation
March 2 - Daschle's Cautionary War-on-Terrorism Comments Could Energize Disheartened Democrats, Analysts Say
March 2 - Election Overhaul Bill Stalls In Partisan Disagreement Over Voter Fraud vs. Access to Polls
March 2 - Issue Ad Limits Could Set New Tone But Create New Challenges
March 9 - Balloting System Revamp Sags in Senate Over I.D.'s; Chances Dim for Fall Potency
March 9 - Borski Departure Forestalls One Pennsylvania Incumbent Duel
March 9 - Bush Breaks With Position, Moves to Protect Steel Industry
March 9 - California Incumbents Appear Safe Bets In November
March 9 - Daschle Trying to Beat the Clock On Campaign Finance Bill
March 9 - Key Areas of Contention
March 9 - Primaries by State
March 9 - Sen. Thompson Says No To Another Six Years, Roiling Tennessee Politics
March 16 - Ayes of Texas Not Upon House Members
March 16 - Foes of Campaign Finance Bill Threaten Last Stand in Senate
March 16 - Muffled Message Imperils Democrats' Senate Edge
March 23 - 'Ex-Clintonite' Label on Resume Of Mixed Value to Candidates
March 23 - Acrimony Over Judicial Confirmations Begins to Spill Into Other Issues
March 23 - Bill Says Its Own Provisions May Be Challenged in Court Right Away
March 23 - Campaign Finance Passage Ends a Political Odyssey
March 23 - Deal Reached On Voting Revamp Debate
March 23 - Taxpayer Bill of Rights Faces Difficult Future After Addition Of Measure to Ease Political Filing
March 30 - As Groups File Lawsuits, Bush Spurns Signing Ceremony For 'Flawed' Fundraising Law
March 30 - Gubernatorial Hopefuls Head Home From the Hill
April 6 - How to Resurrect Congress After a Debilitating Attack
April 6 - The Heat Is On
April 13 - 'Taxpayer Bill of Rights' Brought Down in House By Campaign Finance Rider
April 13 - Court Puts Pa. Primaries in Doubt
April 13 - FEC Members Won't Step Aside In Setting Campaign Rules
April 13 - Hopes for Quick Accord On Election Standards Bill Face Liberals' Objections
April 13 - Traficant Refuses to Go Quietly Despite Calls for His Resignation
April 13 - Will Absence of a Budget Plan Weaken the Democratic Message?
April 20 - Playing the Blame Game On Farm-Friendly Politics
April 27 - Campaign Finance Court Date Set
April 27 - Farm Bill Deal Set for House, Senate As Lawmakers Feel Constituent Pressure
April 27 - Parties Play to Midterm Reality: Swing Voters Will Rule
April 27 - The Name Game: In Court, It'll Be McConnell v. FEC
May 4 - Barcia Opts Out of House Election
May 4 - Diverse Three-Judge Panel Will Hear Challenge to Campaign Finance Law
May 4 - The Campaign Finance Judges
May 11 - Campaign Finance Reform Challengers Fear Opponents' New Legal Standing Offers a Chance to Exact Revenge
May 11 - Conflict in Middle East Could Be Factor In a Michigan Democratic Primary
May 11 - Eight-Term Ohio Incumbent Loses Primary After Union Locals Pull Their Support
May 18 - Bernard Sanders: Wide Appeal Shores Up Independent
May 18 - Campaign Finance Law Provisions
May 18 - Ethics Panel Starts Inquiry on Convicted Rep. Traficant
May 18 - GOP Outreach to Moderates Involves Listening, Few Changes
May 18 - GOP Vows to Hold Up FEC Nomination Until Senate Votes on Pending Judges
May 18 - House Considers How To Fill Seats After a Disaster
May 18 - Jesse L. Jackson Jr.: Powerful Name Secures Chicago's 2nd
May 18 - John Culberson: Unopposed Texan Steps Up for Others
May 18 - Lois Capps: Redistricting Gurus Protect Incumbents
May 18 - Moderation on Endangered List As Safe Seats Breed Rigidity
May 18 - Phil English: A Republican's Allure to Labor
May 18 - Safe House: Incumbents Face Worry-Free Election
May 18 - Steve Chabot: Swing Votes Gives Ohioan the Edge
May 25 - Ballot Overhaul in Final Preparation, But 2002 Voting Will Not Be Affected
May 25 - Democrats Keep One Eye on Trade, Other on Future Presidential Runs
May 25 - Democrats Not Satisfied With Enron Memo Turned Over by the White House
May 25 - Hefty Cash Infusion Helps Murtha Beat Mascara In Remapped Pa. District
May 25 - Public Campaign Financing Tested
May 25 - States' Publicly Funded Campaigns Could Provide Future Federal Model
June 1 - FEC Regulations Snubbed
June 1 - Recanvassing Requested In Kentucky Primary
June 8 - House Republicans Churning Out Permanent Tax-Break Legislation With Senate Roadblock Looming
June 15 - DeMint Survives Primary Despite Free-Trade Stance
June 15 - Democrats Embrace Homeland Security While Working on Separate Political Persona
June 15 - Major Battle Brewing Over Minor Dollar Differences
June 15 - Senate Thwarting of Estate Tax Repeal Blunts GOP's Legislative Offensive
June 22 - Campaign Overhaul Proponents Consider Action Against FEC For New 'Soft Money' Rule
June 22 - GOP Pick: An Armey of One
June 22 - Key Provisions in FEC Regulations
June 22 - Supreme Court Settles Census Dispute; No Extra Seat for Utah
June 22 - Will He Stay or Will He Go? Once Again, Watts Won't Say
June 29 - 'Hispanic' or 'Latino?'
June 29 - Congress Making Very Public Play To Invoke 'Corporate Responsibility'
June 29 - Hilliard of Alabama, LaFalce of New York On House Departure List
June 29 - Issues on Watch List For Growing Voter Bloc
June 29 - Latinos Wait for the Action
June 29 - Pursuing the Political Prize Of America's Hispanic Vote
June 29 - Review Act Seldom Used
June 29 - Senate GOP Agrees to 'Middle Ground' On Committee Term Limits
June 29 - Senate Panel OKs Clean Air Fix Adding Carbon Dioxide Limits
June 29 - Sponsors of Campaign Finance Law Unleash Torrent of Anger Against FEC
July 6 - Candidates Rush to Replace Watts As GOP Conference Chairman
July 6 - Oklahoma Race to Be Swift
July 6 - Oklahoma Race to Be Swift
July 6 - Oldest House Member Bows Out Rather Than Face Fellow Republican In Fallout From N.Y. Redistricting
July 13 - House GOP Chairmanship Still in Play
July 13 - House Members See Rare Gubernatorial Advantage
July 13 - Retirement of Veteran Appropriator Meek Prompts Rush of Democratic Hopefuls
July 20 - House GOP Keeps the Faith
July 20 - McKinney Leans Green With Video Appearance
July 20 - Torricelli Called to Appear Before Senate Ethics Panel For Fundraising Probe
July 27 - A Worried Congress Forced Into Legislative Overdrive
July 27 - Democrats' Immigrant Residency Plan Challenges Bush for Hispanic Vote
July 27 - Election Overhaul May Have to Wait In Line Behind Other 'Crisis' Issues
July 27 - McCain Deal Speeds Up Nominations
July 27 - Traficant's Ouster Decided But Not Relished by His Peers
July 27 - Virgil Goode Switches To Republican Party
August 3 - Exemptions to Imported Steel Tariffs Political Tightrope for White House
August 3 - Ohio's Convicted Rep. Traficant May Campaign From Prison
August 3 - Pollster Names Rep. Dingell's Formula For Political Survival: Men's Suffrage
August 3 - Rep.Tony Hall Confirmed for U.N. Position
August 3 - Senate Vote on Medicare Drugs Yields More Blame but No Bill
August 3 - Torricelli's Ethics Admonishment Quickly Becomes Campaign Issue
August 10 - Candidates Struggle to Differentiate Their Stance on Health Care
August 10 - Counting on Trade Issues' Impact In Pennsylvania Union Country
August 10 - Dingell's Old-Style Campaign Overcomes Rivers' Appeal to Those Further Left
August 10 - Duo's Contentious Battle Features Patriotism and Homeland Security
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Business Regulation
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Health Care
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Homeland Security
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: House Control
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Minority Impact
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Senate Control
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Social Security
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Stars
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Taxes
August 10 - ELECTION 2002 Other Races to Watch: Trade
August 10 - Fallout From WorldCom Scandal Could Tilt Race in Mississippi
August 10 - Front-Runners Enjoy Celebrity Status In North Carolina Senate Race
August 10 - Future of Social Security Bubbles Up As Leading Indiana Debate Topic
August 10 - GOP Looks to Midwest In Hopes of Reclaiming Senate
August 10 - Minority 'Dream Ticket' in Texas Excites Democrats in Bush Country
August 10 - Open Maryland Seat Sought As Ticket to House Majority
August 10 - Opponents Offer Clear Difference On Nation's Tax Cut Philosophy
August 10 - Unsettled Electorate Faces Menu of Midterm Choices
August 31 - Incumbent Losses in Georgia Primary Illustrate Greater Lessons to Be Learned
September 7 - For Congress, a New World -- And Business as Usual
September 7 - GOP Win in Missouri Senate Race Could Mean Continuing Resolution, Early Recess
September 7 - Repositioning Separates McCain Further From GOP Mainstream
September 14 - Florida Miscue May Spark New Push for Election Bill
September 14 - Senate Vote on $6 Billion in Farm Aid Will Complicate Interior Conference
September 14 - Smith's Loss in New Hampshire Primary Reflects Both His Own Missteps And GOP Struggle for Senate Control
September 14 - The Seasoned Speaker: Still Hastert, but Harder
September 15 - Florida Miscue May Spark New Push for Election Bill
September 21 - Senate Races in Midwest Prompt $750 Million Jackpot for Farmers
September 28 - Getting a Quorum If Congress Is Attacked
September 28 - Gore's Rallying Cry Against Bush Clouds Issue for Fellow Democrats
October 5 - Daschle's Grip on Majority Could Slip In Tussle Over Iraq, Homeland Votes
October 5 - Democrats Scramble to Recover From Sen. Torricelli's Downfall
October 5 - Election Overhaul Measure On Brink of Approval After Two Years, Many Setbacks
October 5 - House Shoots Down Bill Allowing Religious Groups To Fund Political Campaigns
October 5 - Lack of Leverage Over Torricelli May Hurt Democrats in Long Run
October 5 - The Late Patsy Mink, Liberal Stalwart, Still Favored to Win in November; Two Elections to Replace Her Seen
October 12 - Concerns Linger for Lawmakers Following Difficult Vote for War
October 12 - Congress Now Faces Voters Anxious About the Economy
October 12 - Courts Leave New Jersey Senate Race As Is
October 12 - Editor's Notebook: Anxiety Levels
October 12 - Election Upgrades Could Prove Expensive For States Seeking Federal Help
October 12 - GOP May Have to Write Off Chance at Montana Senate Seat
October 12 - Soft-Money Rules Challenged By Campaign Finance Sponsors
October 19 - Despite Giving Strong Support, Legislators Worry Election Overhaul Will Amount to an Unfunded Mandate
October 19 - Editor's Note: Lame Excuses
October 19 - GOP Declares Victory Despite Unfinished Business
October 19 - GOP Looks to New Batch of Leaders To Carry Mantle of Retiring Icons
October 19 - Judiciary Chairman Leahy Shrugs Off GOP Barbs
October 19 - Parties Use Judicial Standoff To Play to Core Constituents
October 19 - Senate Control Could Change Hands Even Before the 108th Congress
October 19 - Thinking Outside the House: Democrats Guess at Gephardt's Plans
October 19 - Washington-Area Sniper Shootings Prompt Lawmakers, White House To Consider Weapon 'Fingerprinting'
October 26 - Both Candidates in Tight Iowa Race Keep Distance From Their Parties' Ads
October 26 - Governor Races: It's the Economy, Governors
October 26 - House Races: An Election Bucking Tradition
October 26 - Leadership PACs on the Rise
October 26 - No National Theme Prevails In Race to Control Congress
October 26 - Senate Politics Shaken Anew By a 'Death in Our Family'
October 26 - Senate Races: Melting in the Middle
October 26 - Simplifying the Tax Code Is Key to Overhaul Proposals
October 26 - Taylor Back in Montana Senate Race, Calling Attention to Negative Ads
October 26 - The Tax Code: Scrap or Simplify?
October 26 - Wellstone Obituary: Proud Voice for 'Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party'
November 2 - Editor's Notebook: Bitter Harvest
November 2 - Few Foresee Progress During Lame Duck On Stalled Fiscal 2003 Spending Bills
November 2 - In a Divided Congress, Inoculation Becomes a Main Legislative Goal
November 2 - Legions of Lawyers Watching To Ensure Fair Voting on Nov. 5
November 2 - Mondale Would Be a Senate Freshman With an Elder Statesman's Perks
November 2 - Potential Challenges in Seven Key States
November 2 - Provisions of the Federal Voting Standards and Procedures Law
November 2 - The Mondale File
November 9 - A Last Chance to Spend
November 9 - A Party Asks: Who Are We?
November 9 - Environmentalists Put on Defense
November 9 - Georgia Republicans Energized By 'Friend to Friend' Campaigns
November 9 - GOP Won Midterm War by Winning Series of Small Battles
November 9 - House Overview: Nurturing the GOP Agenda
November 9 - Lame Duck May Have Legs
November 9 - Major Reuthorizations for Commerce
November 9 - New Senator Profile: Dean Barkley, I-Minn.
November 9 - Redistricting Helped GOP
November 9 - Senate Changes Hands Again
November 9 - Senate Overview: The Chamber of Tactics
November 9 - States' Priorities Vs. Funds
November 9 - Still-Thin Edge Leaves GOP With a Cautious Mandate
November 9 - Voting Upgrades Paid Off on Nov. 5
November 9 - Women Break Election Record
November 16 - Elections: The Results Are Still Coming in . . .
November 16 - His Star Once Again Ascendant, Hoyer Has Big Plans for Whip's Role
November 16 - Senate's Washington-Savvy Freshmen Could Wield Influence From Day One
November 16 - Solidly Backed By Her Colleagues, Pelosi Faces GOP's Sharpened Barbs
November 23 - Hollings' Homeland Vote Could Haunt Him in 2004
November 23 - McSlarrow, Adelstein Confirmations End Bickering
November 23 - Recount: Colorado 7th Still Too Close to Call
November 30 - Campaign Finance Debate Turns to Courts for Closure
November 30 - Campaign Finance's Paradox: Opposite Sides Unite for Legal Battle
November 30 - Campaign Finance: What the Judges Will Hear
November 30 - Critics Say Political Groups Formed To Evade New Fundraising Rules
November 30 - Democrats' Shaky Base No Given for Landrieu
December 7 - 'Incumbent' Hawaii Democrat Ed Case May Have Edge in 44-Candidate Race To Replace Late Rep. Mink Next Year
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Campaign Finance
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Federal Election Standards
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Rep. Traficant Expelled
December 7 - 2002 Legislative Summary: Sen. Torricelli Admonished
December 7 - Changing Faces in the Senate: Alaska to Complete the Latest Lineup
December 7 - Kerry's Gambit Increases Pressure on Others Likely to Seek 2004 Democratic Nomination
December 7 - Rep.-Elect Ed Case (D-Hawaii 2)
December 7 - Three-Judge Panel Poses Tough Constitutional Questions In First Test of Campaign Finance Law
December 14 - Beauprez Retains Win in Colorado's 7th
December 14 - Corzine Cites Landrieu's Victory Lesson: Think Global, Campaign Local, Stand Firm
December 14 - Despite Post-Election Opportunities, Democrats Struggle to Find One Voice
December 14 - La. Senate Race Got the Headlines, But 5th District Democratic Victory Had a Drama All Its Own
December 14 - Rodney Alexander (D-La. 5)
December 14 - Three Ambitious Senate Republicans Showing No Moves Against Lott

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