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 Politics and Elections

January 9 - House Eases Its Limit on Taking Gifts To Match the Senate's Restrictions
January 9 - ON-THE-RECORD: Campaign Donors Provide Clues To Hastert's Interests
January 16 - HEALTH: Managed Care Overhaul Shows New Signs of Life
January 16 - New Generation of Industry Lobbyists Fights To Preserve Victory
January 23 - COMMERCE: Casinos Look To Improve Their Odds on Capitol Hill
January 23 - Indian Gambling Operations Find 'Devoted' Advocate in Rep. Kennedy
January 30 - A Will of Their Own
January 30 - Challenge for the GOP: Conserve Ideals Without Losing Majority
January 30 - Clinton's Woes May Turn 'Character' Into a Hot Campaign Issue
January 30 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Lott Haunted by Connections With Conservative Citizens Group
January 30 - Partisan Tensions, Already High, Are Unlikely To End When Trial Does
February 6 - House GOP Is Closing the Door On an Era of Aggressive Inquiry
February 6 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: As Hill Considers Law's Failings, Companies See Their Opening
February 13 - Clinton's Popularity Up Despite His Plight
February 13 - Democrats Vow To Turn Up the Heat In House Managers' Districts
February 13 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: GOP's Case for Rule of Law Came to a Political End
February 13 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: GOP's Recovery Strategy: Get Back to Legislating
February 13 - IMPEACHMENT OF THE PRESIDENT: Impeachment's Future: Just Another Political Weapon?
February 13 - Three Besieged 'Minority Presidents'
February 20 - POLITICS: Retirements Signal Uphill Battle For Democrats To Reclaim Senate
February 27 - EMPLOYMENT & LABOR: GOP Criticizes Teamsters' Aid To Democrats
February 27 - Special Election Results
February 27 - THREE'S A CROWD: A Millennial Windfall For the Northeast Media
March 6 - Chart: 2000 Primary Schedule
March 6 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Senators Mull Over a Limit on 'Soft Money' In Return for More 'Hard Money'
March 13 - Mack's Senate Seat Beckons To Florida Representatives
March 20 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Gephardt and Gore Paint Centrist Picture As They Inaugurate 2000 Campaigns
March 20 - Democrats Press for Early Vote On Campaign Finance Bill
March 20 - POLITICS: Chafee's Decision To Retire Lifts Democrats' Hopes For Picking Up a Senate Seat
March 27 - From the Editor
March 27 - Republican Schism Over Abortion Offers Democrats a Campaign Issue
April 3 - ROBBING PETER . . .: Daschle's Gain Could Be Gephardt's Loss
April 10 - Americans' Response to Tax Cut Polls: A Resounding 'Maybe'
April 10 - TAXES: Has the Tax Cut Crusade Lost Its Appeal?
April 17 - Campaign Finance Vote Pushed
April 17 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Republicans Reach a Crossroads: Adopt Another 'Contract With America'?
April 17 - Partisanship Continues Over Census
April 24 - ON-LINE WASHINGTON: Lobbyists' Reports at Your Fingertips
April 24 - POLITICS: Dollars and Sensitivities: Finessing the Gender Gap
May 1 - POLITICS: Democrats Discount Coattails As Gore Bandwagon Starts Slowly
May 8 - Chart: Special Election Results
May 8 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Businesses Pour More Money Into the Democratic Pot -- Just in Case They Have a Winner
May 15 - A More Immigrant-Friendly Tone Resounds on the Campaign Trail
May 15 - Correction: Fundraising
May 15 - GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS: Chinese Businessman's Testimony Breathes Some Life Into House Probe Of Democrats' Fundraising Practices
May 22 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: Republicans Face Loyalty Test In Pursuing Campaign Finance Overhaul
May 22 - High Court Upholds Minority Districts
May 22 - Lott's Tactics Come Under Fire After Gun Control Vote
May 22 - Missouri Rep. Clay To Retire, But Democratic Seat Is Safe
June 5 - Chart: House GOP Leadership Fundraising -- DeLay's Rise
June 5 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Tom DeLay: 'The Hammer' That Drives the House GOP
June 12 - Chart: High-Tech Industry Scorecard
June 12 - Inside the Industry's Lobbying Hard Drive
June 12 - TECHNOLOGY: High Tech Swarms the Hill As CEOs Turn Lobbyists
June 19 - Democrats' Frantic Maneuvering Ultimately Comes To Naught
June 19 - LAW & JUDICIARY: Beyond Guns and Violence: A Battle for House Control
June 19 - POLITICS: Several Term Limit Supporters Recant Vows To Leave House, Saying Their Work Is Not Yet Done
June 26 - POLITICAL ACTION: In the Majority: It Pays
July 3 - Political Maneuvering May Give Campaign Finance Issue a Boost
July 3 - Senate Confirms Summers At Treasury as Rubin Departs
July 3 - Special Counsel Rules Unveiled
July 10 - Chart: Senate Seats Up for Election in 2000
July 10 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Sparks Fly, but So Does Cash, As 'The Torch' Takes Charge
July 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Democrats Hope To Win By Staying Unified in Defeat
July 24 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: McCain Ponders Modifications As Lott Decides To Allow Debate On Campaign Finance Bill
July 24 - Forbes' Independent Streak Persists During His Debut as a Democrat
July 24 - TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Donor-List Controversy Revitalizes Critics of Public Broadcasting
July 31 - Chairman Steps Up Pressure For Documents in Hatch Act Case
August 7 - Christian Coalition Wins Key Ruling
August 7 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: House GOP Leaders Set Rules For Campaign Finance Showdown; Senate Measure May Be Modified
August 7 - House Panel, Justice Department Spar Over Huang Testimony
August 14 - GOP Leadership PACs' Fundraising Far Outstrips 1997-98
August 14 - POLITICS & ELECTIONS: Bush's Fundraising Net Hauls In Newcomers
August 14 - Rep. Hill's Retirement Means GOP Has Another Seat To Defend
August 14 - Sen. Smith Almost Certain To Be Taxpayers Party Nominee
August 14 - Ten Competing To Finish Term Of the Late Rep. Brown
September 4 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: A Guide to the Coming Debate On Campaign Finance Overhaul, From Soft Money to Issue Advocacy
September 4 - Washington Notes
September 11 - CAMPAIGN FINANCE: McCain-Feingold's Next Move?
September 18 - Chart: Campaign Finance Bill Highlights
September 18 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Narrower Campaign Finance Bill Still a Long Shot in Senate
September 25 - Brown's Defeat Is First in Memory for 'Widow's Mandate'
September 25 - Delaware Gov. Carper To Run For Roth's Senate Seat
September 25 - Multi-Member Districts Get a Hearing
September 25 - THE MONEY CHASE: GOP Polishes Fundraising Machine in California Race
October 2 - 'DON'T WRITE IT OFF': House Democrats Need To 'Go Country' in 2000
October 2 - Hitting Them Where They Live
October 2 - POLITICS AND PROTESTS: The World Descends on Seattle
October 9 - Ewing Says He Won't Run Again
October 9 - HEALTH: GOP's Fragile Unity Fractures In Managed Care Decision
October 16 - Chart: Membership Changes, 106th Congress
October 16 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Harsh Words, Sharp Maneuvers Mark Campaign Finance Debate
October 16 - POLITICS: Porter's Retirement Gives GOP 16 Open House Seats To Defend, Reorders Appropriations Chairmanships
October 23 - CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS: Campaign Finance Crusaders Regroup After Latest Defeat
October 30 - Judges Dismiss Suit Seeking To Redraw South Florida Districts
October 30 - Nebraska's Barrett Will Retire From Strongly Republican 3rd
October 30 - POLITICS AND PRINCIPLES: A Pork-Defining Issue
October 30 - THE ELECTION TEST: Can Appointed Senators Go the Distance?
November 6 - Limits on Use of Union Dues Approved
November 6 - McConnell Promises New Chance For Campaign Finance Bill
November 6 - Packard Retirement Gives GOP 18 Seats To Defend in 2000
November 13 - Witness Trie Given Immunity In 1996 Campaign Finance Probe
November 20 - TAKING EXCEPTION: Democrats Ponder Missing Pakistan Resolution
November 27 - LEGISLATIVE SUMMARY: Congressional Affairs - Campaign Finance
December 4 - WESTWARD, HO!: Members Mine High-Tech's Fortunes in California
December 11 - BUCKING THE PARTY: The Man Who Won't Be Pigeonholed
December 11 - Chart: 1999 House Presidential Position Votes
December 11 - Chart: 1999 Senate Presidential Position Votes
December 11 - Chart: Leading Scorers: Party Unity
December 11 - Chart: Leading Scorers: Presidential Support
December 11 - Chart: Party Unity and Party Opposition: House
December 11 - Chart: Party Unity and Party Opposition: Senate
December 11 - Chart: Party Unity Background
December 11 - Chart: Presidential Support and Opposition: House
December 11 - Chart: Presidential Support and Opposition: Senate
December 11 - Chart: Presidential Support Background
December 11 - DEFENSE: GOP Advertises Differences With Commander in Chief In Military-Oriented Papers
December 11 - Democrats Feel Blue Dogs' Bite
December 11 - Made in Seattle: New Coalitions To Watch
December 11 - Partisan Voting Holds Steady
December 11 - VOTE STUDIES: Clinton Comes Up Short in a Year Of Politics Over Substance
December 31 - Chart: 11 States Elect Governors in 2000
December 31 - Chart: Congressional Primary Schedule
December 31 - Chart: Democrats Have 14 Senate Seats at Risk
December 31 - Chart: GOP Has 19 Senate Seats on the Line
December 31 - Chart: Membership Changes, 106th Congress
December 31 - Chart: Presidential Primary Schedule
December 31 - Democrats Hope for Majority In Defiance of History
December 31 - From the Editor
December 31 - POLITICS: A Cautious Tone From A Centrist Field
December 31 - POLITICS: Balance Hangs in a Few Races
December 31 - POLITICS: GOP Expects To Maintain Its Majority in Governorships
December 31 - POLITICS: Parties Maneuver for Identity In Hopes of Swinging 2000
December 31 - POLITICS: Senate Battle Is Second Fiddle
December 31 - POLITICS: The Future of Fundraising

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