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 Homeland Security

January 5 - Gambling on Terror
January 5 - Surveillance: Privacy vs. Security Revisited
January 12 - A Piecemeal Strategy Against Obama
January 26 - Border-Security Bill Hits a Wall
February 2 - GOP in a Box On Immigration
April 27 - 2016 Appropriations: Homeland Security
May 11 - Anti-Satellite Weapons Take Flight Globally
May 11 - Battlefield: Space
May 11 - Trashing Space
June 1 - Shifting Politics Threatens Patriot Act
June 15 - Rank and File Revive Debate on War Vote
June 15 - Rep. Hurd: The Spy Who Came in From the Border
July 13 - Cyber: The Problem With Hacking Back
July 13 - Price of Paranoia: Debating Defense Dollars
July 20 - Herrera-Flanigan: Univision's Woman in Washington
August 3 - Islamic State: A Reality Check
August 3 - Islamic State: The Focus For Now Is on the Caliphate
August 3 - Poachers Find Enemies in Defense Hawks
September 8 - Cybersecurity: Attacking the Hackers
September 8 - Defense: Awaiting the Conference
September 8 - Iran: Stage Is Set for Showdown
September 21 - Common Defense: Drone Warfare Without Rules
September 21 - Conversation: Refugee Relief Agency CEO Mark Hetfield
September 21 - Why Obama Needs McCain to Close Guantanamo
October 19 - Common Defense: 'Going Dark' Isn't What It Used to Be
November 2 - Chill With Russia Brings Nuclear Insecurity
November 2 - Congress Gives Twitter Tips to FEMA
November 2 - The Return of the 'Crypto Wars'
November 9 - Common Defense: A Silent Majority in Congress on War
November 9 - Few Guidebooks for Responding to Military Confrontations
November 9 - Omnibus Preview: Ready to Rumble
November 9 - Preview: Defense
November 9 - Preview: Homeland Security
November 16 - Risking Ridicule, Senator Warns of Electromagnetic Threats
November 30 - After Paris, Some Mayors Still Back Refugee Welcome
November 30 - Anatomy of a Vote: Refugee Bill Speeds Past Veto Threat
November 30 - Bill to Slow Refugee Flow Sets Up Senate Showdown
November 30 - Border Protection Agency Looks for Outside Budget Help
November 30 - Breaking Through Encryption Raises Its Own Security Fears
November 30 - Few Options for New Strategy Against Islamic State
November 30 - For Loretta Lynch and GOP, Fresh Starts Aren't Easy
December 7 - Common Defense: Words Matter in the Age of Terror
December 7 - Intelligence Bill Gives Birth to Tunnel Czar
December 7 - Refugees Look to K Street for Help
December 7 - Tale of the Tape: Rubio vs. Cruz
December 14 - Conversation: Rep. Will Hurd, Former CIA Officer
December 14 - In Omnibus Fight, McConnell Seeks to Avoid Past GOP Missteps
December 14 - Schwartz: Cybersecurity Veteran Still Fighting Hacks

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